Politics, Salvini confirms the promise: “The bridge will be built”

Politics, Salvini confirms the promise: “The bridge will be built”
Politics, Salvini confirms the promise: “The bridge will be built”
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Here’s what the leader of the Carroccio said about Russian money. He talked about it today in Catania.


CATANIA – The Bridge. Here, the inevitable Bridge over the Strait. Matteo Salvini, arrived in Catania, says that it will be done. The leader of the League responds with a promise to those who remind him that the center-right has already governed precisely on the basis of a project that has distant roots. “Here in Sicily the League wins with the Center-right and therefore the Bridge over the Strait is on the agenda”, he says. And he adds: “It costs more to Sicilians not to do it than to do it. Moreover, the bridge allows you to connect Palermo to Rome in a few hours. Of course, it is not the solution to all the ills of the Sicilians because roads and railways are needed. Here there are two thirds of railways that run on diesel. The State Railways will also have to do theirs. Since when I make a commitment I carry it to the end, the Bridge will be a reality ”.

It is also true that it is the first time that the League participates in the Sicilian Regionals. First there was Umberto Bossi’s Caroccio, and it was another story. Recently the formula Prima L’Italia – Salvini Premier was born, the tool to make the memory of the anti-southern League less bitter and attract the moderate vote. “For the first time the League is present throughout Sicily in this electoral competition, we have never had elected representatives and this excites me a lot one week after the vote”.

And again: “Da C.atania in Palermo, from the islands to the center of the Region we are present in an important way, finally we will have elected representatives and above all we have the right president in the right place ”.

Next to him, the candidate for the presidency of the Sicilian Region, Renato Schifani: “With him – reiterates the head of the League – we will concentrate our forces to first build the bridge that serves not only to unite Sicily to Calabria, but also to provide jobs . And then solve the waste emergency by creating two waste-to-energy plants, partly already designed, to put an end to this problem. In Sicily there are still two thirds of the railways that run on diesel, we need to work on concrete green policies ”.

However, it is international issues that hold the spot. On the dock are relations with Vladimir Putin’s party and alleged funding for Western political forces. “The League has always supported sanctions. The news today – explains Salvini – is that the newspapers and left-wing politicians have been chatting about Russian funds that are not there for a week. We discovered that Russia in Italy paid no one, bought no one, not influencing past, present and future elections. So long live Italy and long live the Italians ”.

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“I await the apologies – he added – from Letta, Di Maio and Conte, Renzi and company singer. I answer only and only to the Italians defending the attacked Ukrainian people but certainly it cannot be the Italian workers and workers and entrepreneurs who pay the penalties for everyone ”.

The issue of sanctions and the profile of the future Italian government remains open. “We govern Italy and respond to Italy and the Italians. We do not change alliances and international positions, NATO etc …. While others in the electoral campaign speak of Russia, of Hungarians, of Poles, of fascists, we speak of the work of Italians. of Sicilian agriculture to be defended, yes, from the follies of the European Union ”.

Salvini tries to explain his position with a joke. “In this sense, as Fantozzi would say – he said – it is crazy to outlaw some products of the Mediterranean diet. It’s insane, it’s criminal, it’s doing the multinationals a favor ”.

The urgency on which to intervene remains the expensive energy. So much so that Salvini also sends a message to his allure of the center-right. “The problem is not political, the bill is not political. Money is needed immediately while waiting for Europe to move. Europe has not moved for the moment. I fear that it will not move in the coming weeks so money is needed immediately otherwise the shops and factories will close ”.

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