Price increases and inflation, Campobasso the most virtuous city

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National Consumers Union: Istat today released the data. The most savings region is Molise, + 7.5%

Istat today released the inflation data for August of the regions and regional capitals and municipalities with more than 150,000 inhabitants, on the basis of which the National Consumers Union has drawn up the ranking of the most expensive cities and regions of Italy, in terms of rising cost of living.

At the top of the ranking of capitals and cities with more than 150 thousand most expensive inhabitants (Table No. 1), Bolzano where annual inflation, equal to + 10.5%, the highest in Italy, ex aequo with Catania , translates into the higher annual additional expenditure equivalent, on average, to 2791 euros. In second place is Trento, where the 10.2% rise in prices, the third highest inflation, determines an increase in spending equal to 2669 euros for an average family. On the lowest step of the podium Bologna, first for the Center, where + 9.5% generates an additional cost of 2370 euros per year for a typical family. In fourth place Ravenna (+ 9.7%, +2344 euros), then Verona (+ 9.7%, 2258 euros), Milan which, despite having lower inflation than the national average, is in sixth position with + 2,226 euros, Brescia (+ 8.3%, 2189 euros), Perugia (+ 9.3%, +2137 euros) and Padua (+ 9.1%, +2118 euros). Modena closes the top ten, + 8.7%, equal to 2102 euros.
Catania, is first for inflation in Italy and first among the cities of the South as an annual blow, in 11th position with 2085 euros.

The most virtuous city is CAMPOBASSO, with an inflation of 7.5% and an additional expense for a typical family of “only” 1373 euros. Follows Catanzaro (+ 7.5%, +1401 euros) and Reggio Calabria (+ 7.6%, +1419 euros).

At the top of the ranking of the most “expensive” regions (Table 2), with annual inflation of + 10.2%, Trentino records an average increase of 2650 euros per family on an annual basis. Veneto follows, where the 9% price increase implies a rise in the cost of living equal to 2060 euros, third is Umbria, + 9.1%, with an annual increase of 2056 euros.

The most savings region is Molise, + 7.5%, equal to 1373 euros, followed by Puglia (+ 8.6%, +1392 euros). Bronze Medal for Calabria (+ 8.1%, +1482 euros).

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