In Vasto Marina the national finals of the federal tour of Beach Bocce 2022

In Vasto Marina the national finals of the federal tour of Beach Bocce 2022
In Vasto Marina the national finals of the federal tour of Beach Bocce 2022
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Vast. Epilogue, in the last weekend of summer, of the federal tour of Beach Bocce 2022. The Marina di Vasto, an Adriatic town in the province of Chieti, at Lido Acapulco (Lungomare Duca degli Abruzzi), in fact, will host Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 September , the national finals of the Individual and Couple specialties.

Supporting the initiative was the municipal administration of the Abruzzo city, always attentive to sporting initiatives and in particular to promotional and inclusive ones. On the beaches of Italy many people, more surfed or at the first experience, young and old, women and men, have tried their hand at the beach specialty of the Italian Bocce Federation.

During the summer of 2022, in fact, on the Italian coasts and in some cases also on beach fields set up in the cities, forty stages were organized, which qualified 24 individualists and 8 couples, ready to compete for the national title.

“The specialty of beach bowls, included in the Federal Statute, represents the best promotional vehicle for our sport – said Federal President Marco Giunio De Sanctis – We have all played bowls on the beach, a pastime from which, with a correct policy approaching the sport of bowls, the FIB itself could benefit from it with an increase in the number of members. I will never tire of repeating that, for the future, Federbocce will not be able to ignore the specialties accessible to all and practicable without the need for high-cost structures, also in light of the expected increases in electricity and gas prices, as in the case of Petanque and game on the beach. The beach bowls, consequently, will be at the attention of the Federal Council for new ideas of development and diffusion in all Italian regions. I am happy that some stages have been organized on sand fields set up in the city and also, from this point of view, we will have to encourage the activity. A special thanks goes to the local representatives, who organized the stages, and to the national manager of the beach bowls Gregorio Gregori ”.

The preliminary stages, in recent weeks, have been organized in the following regions: Abruzzo (four events), Basilicata (3), Calabria (1), Emilia Romagna (5), Friuli Venezia Giulia (2), Liguria (2), Lombardy (4), Marche (2), Molise (2), Sardinia (2), Tuscany (6), Trentino (2), Umbria (1) and Veneto (4).

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The city of Vasto follows, in order, the other cities that have hosted the previous editions: San Benedetto del Tronto in 2019 (success of the Abruzzese couple Salvatore D’Aulerio – Gianni Bozzino), Cattolica in 2020 (victory of the Abruzzese Salvatore D ‘Aulerio) and Marina di Grosseto in 2021 (to win the couple from Marche composed of Andrea Mattiacci and Luciano Del Gatto).

“We are ready to host the national finals, for which I thank the Abruzzo regional representative Gianni Bozzino for the precious collaboration – the comment of the national manager of Beach Bocce, as well as President of FIB Abruzzo, Gregorio Gregori – We close a summer full of events and we will try to increase, in 2023 with new initiatives, the summer activity of beach bowls “.

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