Contrast to the shop near the schools

Contrast to the shop near the schools
Contrast to the shop near the schools
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A meeting of the Permanent Provincial Conference was held in the Prefecture in Pordenone to develop coordinated interventions to prevent and combat drug dealing in schools as part of the “Safe Schools 2022-2023” project.

The meeting, chaired by the Prefect Domenico Lione, in addition to the Quaestor, the Provincial Commanders of the Carabinieri and the Guardia di Finanza, was attended by the Local administrators of the municipalities seat of higher institutes and those recipients of state funding, namely Pordenone, Sacile, San Vito al Tagliamento, Spilimbergo, Maniago, Cordenons, Brugnera, Azzano Decimo and Fontanafredda, the Director of the Pordenone Regional School Office, the school managers concerned and the contacts of the Friuli Occidental Health Authority (Prevention Department, Addiction and Mental Health Department).

Taking advantage of state funding addressed to seven municipalities in the area to implement urban security near schools, the Prefect proposed to develop homogeneous projects to create a coordinated and uniform framework of interventions to protect children.

The idea is to extend a model of common actions based on three programmatic lines to the entire Pordenone area: prevention, training and control.

The interventions may range from the creation of video surveillance systems in sensitive areas to educational campaigns, also with the use of simulators that reproduce the distorting driving effects deriving from the intake of alcoholic and psychotropic substances, up to ordinary and extraordinary checks by the Police forces, with the help of the Local Police, outside and in the areas adjacent to the school complexes, with the possible help of dog units and drones.

In terms of training, the initiatives promoted by the Western Friuli Health Authority are of particular importance, also aimed at teachers to provide specific tools to address this issue in individual classes. The stimulus to interinstitutional collaboration offered in previous meetings of the Conference, most recently on bullying and cyberbullying, and the convinced support shown by the actors involved, confirm the goodness of proceeding in this way.


Therefore, to increase the level of general prevention to effectively counteract a criminal phenomenon capable of affecting the safety of children and families, protecting more the main place of training and aggregation, the school, intercepting attempts at aggression outside the student world.

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The proposal, welcomed by all the participants – who confirmed their willingness to take a joint approach – aims to enhance the territory’s ability to work as a team, creating an integrated protection network with certain positive effects for the community.

Work at 360 °, all together, Municipalities, Schools, Health Authority, Police Forces on behalf of students to raise awareness of the risks and dangers associated with the crime of drug dealing and raise their awareness of the phenomenon of taking these substances.

In sharing this approach, the Permanent Provincial Conference will meet to verify the results of the activity carried out and possibly recalibrate the actions.

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