The expensive bill risks blowing up volunteering in Lazio

The expensive bill risks blowing up volunteering in Lazio
The expensive bill risks blowing up volunteering in Lazio
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At risk canteens, social pharmacies, structures with refrigerators. “We need help from the Lazio Region and the Municipality of Rome”, says the spokesperson for the Forum Francesca Danese

“The Third Sector in Lazio risks death in Lazio due to expensive energy. The Region should intervene with the establishment of a fund, the municipality of Rome, putting pressure on Acea ”. Speaking is Francesca Danese, spokesperson for the Third Sector Forum in Lazio. The di lei is a cry of pain for the 55 volunteer networks in our region, for a total of 5,700 positions. Facilities that risk closing due to high bills.

Skyrocketing rates for the Third Sector

The bills have even quintupled for many organizations in the Third Sector. This concerns, for example, all those who provide assistance, hospitality, we think of those who have kitchens, or those who manage appliances that consume a lot of energy such as refrigerators. Think of the Caritas of Rome which manages canteens and health facilities, such as the pharmacy in via Marsala which ends up drugs to 2,000 people with various difficulties in accessing public health. And even the Food Bank, which must necessarily use refrigerators, denounces an electricity bill that has essentially tripled. In the center of Rome in Sant’Eustachio the most famous is the House of Solidarity founded by Don Sigurani.

Volunteering is essential to combat marginalization

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“We are not companies. We played an important role in the pandemic in helping thousands of people who were lonely and abandoned. And our role is still useful today, something that is recognized by all institutions. So we need an intervention at the national level – Danese tells us. Yesterday, the CDM gave the green light to the proposal of the Minister of Labor and Social Policies, Andrea Orlando, for an extraordinary contribution for Third Sector entities equal to 25 percent of the expenditure incurred for the purchase of the energy component actually used in the first, second, third and fourth quarters of 2022. But will it affect expensive bills? For Danese this is only a partial help, not a solution, therefore a decisive intervention by local institutions is needed.

Will the government funds be enough against the expensive bills?

In Rome there are about 16 thousand homeless, but the places to welcome them are no more than a thousand. And here then is that the associations of the Third Sector are fundamental for assistance. For 2022, almost 60 million will be allocated to third sector entities by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies envisaged by articles 72 and 73 of the Third sector code (Cts).

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