“Never used the name of Draghi”. The umpteenth lie of Letta

“Never used the name of Draghi”. The umpteenth lie of Letta
“Never used the name of Draghi”. The umpteenth lie of Letta
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The name of Mario Draghi the Democratic Party is tempting. For what the outgoing premier represents in institutional terms and for the electoral message that the Democratic Party would like to send: that of being stable, credible and competent, capable of stemming the chaos of the right and the grillini.

Still, the secretary dem Enrico Letta denies. In Vicenza, at the Confindustria territorial assembly, he said: “We never used the name and the figure of Draghi, but what he did did, and on this we did our coalition, which I would have liked to have made bigger, not my fault.“.

But in short, that the Democratic Party has never used the name and the figure of Draghi is not true at all. The dem, in addition to having sung its praises several times and having constituted themselves as theonly strength policy of supporting Draghi “no ifs and buts”, in addition to having included him in the course of his government experience in his social posts as if to subtly make the unwary understand that Draghi was “one of them”, they even posted his big face on posters with the Pd logo.

It happened at the end of July in Milan, in the circle of the Democratic Party “Milano Centro – Aldo Aniasi”, where an electoral poster with a smiling Draghi in the foreground and the slogans: “Italy has been betrayed, the Party Democrat defends it. And who are you with? ” Below, the logo of the Democratic Party.

The same image, among other things, was even posted on Enrico Letta’s Facebook page, relaunched by his “ex-friend” Giuseppe Conte and caught by hundreds of negative comments from left-wing users disappointed by the association so blatant.

We know who we are – added Letta to justify his fake unmarking – what we have done, what we represent and what we will do, I think it is a safe haven for the Italian system. Other choices would expose the country to huge fibrillations over savings, investments and the future. On that damned day in July, when Italy went mad and mortgaged the future, I promised that I would never make an alliance with those who brought down that government, and I paid for this choice to present myself in front of the voters. That year and a half can continue in methods and contents“.

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As if to say that, in short, the Democratic Party does not want to use Draghi, even if actually it did, and does not want to use her figure, even if she has repeatedly posed as his total admirer, and does not want to use her vision, even if throughout the election campaign she has done nothing but attack the opponents guilty of having “betrayed Draghi “to want to destroy the international credibility” brought by Draghi “and to be the only ones capable of continuing the political action set up thanks to” the Draghi agenda “. Letta doesn’t want to use her name, and instead she should start paying him royalties.

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