“They didn’t report rain”

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The devastating flood which has affected most of the Marche also invested Senigallia: Mayor Massimo Olivetti he told his version of events, stating that a weather alert had not been reported. The images from above are impressive.

Senigallia hit by the flood: the mayor speaks

It is one of the municipalities most affected by the storm that fell on the Marche since yesterday evening, Thursday 15 September 2022. In a few hours, a third of the rain of a year would have fallen and a state of emergency was ordered throughout the territory and still there are dead and missing.

At The Breakfast Club, Radio Capital’s radio show, il mayor of Senigallia he made it known that the flood affected mainly the mountainous part and that the water began to arrive just before midnight. “Several areas are still flooding, the situation is very critical” he said.

Photo Source: ANSA

Senigallia seen from above thanks to the images of the Fire Brigade

He then spoke specifically of the flooding of Misa river, “A torrential river, if one sees it it would seem an almost dry river but usually, when there are these rains, it becomes extremely dangerous”. And so the images showing the breaking of the balustrades of the historic bridge of the city testify.

The mayor: “They didn’t report rain”

Even before the water, debris arrived in the city that created dams in front of the bridges: “We feared that, with a strong push of the water, they could give way” reports Olivetti. Then he lets it be known that “Last night there had been no warning, they had not reported rain“.

The mayor of Senigallia learned from a friend that in Serra, a town further upstream, “it was raining a lot. As a result, we immediately opened the COC [Centro Operativo Comunale, ndr]. and we began to communicate with citizens through social media “.


As for the people affected, Olivetti says that “there have been even very serious situationspeople who were driving around even though we had advised against it “.

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Water bomb on the Marche: there are dead and missing

According to the latest estimates, there are about ten the victims caused by the water bomb that hit the Marche. There would also be gods missingincluding a child.

Among the images and videos that are capturing attention, even that of two elderly spouses saved thanks to a dinghy of the Fire fighters.

Unfortunately, there are also terrible images of Senigallia seen from above: a ghostly city that will now have to deal with pain and a long reconstruction.

Photo Source: ANSA

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