play half an hour and start a fight

play half an hour and start a fight
play half an hour and start a fight
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Mauro Icardi made his debut in the Turkish league against Konyaspor. He put his hand in the own goal that propitiated the victory of Galatasaray and became the protagonist of an incandescent match finale.

The fight between Mauro Icardi, on his debut with Galatasaray, and the goalkeeper of Konyaspor.

Mauro Icardi was the most anticipated footballer by the fans of the Galatasaray. Arrived in Turkey with the formula of the loan with the right of redemption (and at advantageous economic conditions snatched from his wife / agent, Wanda Nara), made his debut in the league match against Konyaspor.

The former striker of Inter and Paris Saint-Germain restarts from the Süper Lig to find continuity in the game, ‘confidence’ with the goal, that bomber glaze that has faded a bit due to how things went in France . In recent times he had become an expensive tinsel and only almost at the end of the Turkish market summer session did he manage to find a new accommodation.

How did the debut go? In dark colors. The Argentine entered only in the second half: when the audience saw him with the number 99 on his shoulders, he welcomed him with a roar of applause. Towards the 60th he took the place of Bafetimbi Gomis and struggled a bit to fuel, but that’s normal. He needs some time to acquire that match rhythm that he had lost a bit in France.

The face to face between the Argentine striker and the opponent lights up the end of the match.

The face to face between the Argentine striker and the opponent lights up the end of the match.

His fame as a player who sniffs the net and in the area is relentless, however, has not been affected by the ups and downs of his career or by the chatter that often accompanied him for personal events. Icardi didn’t score but he still found a way to make his mark. He did it by participating in the doubling action, putting a hand in the opponent’s own goal. He was there and that was enough… but it didn’t end there. Because in reality the reason that brought the South American into the spotlight was another.

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The episode took place a few minutes after the doubling of the ‘Gala’ resulting from the clumsy intervention of the Costa Rican Francisco Calvo. Torreira, formerly of Sampdoria and Fiorentina, engages in a contrast in the area with the goalkeeper of Konyaspor, Ibrahim Sehic. He tries to hinder him, to make him waste time at the time of the remittance. But the goalkeeper reacts badly, has a shot and pushes the opponent.

Maurito attends the scene. He has seen it all and wants to get justice by going to the rescue of his teammate on the ground for the shove. The face to face with Sehic is furious. Big words, dirty looks and shoves fly. The goalkeeper puts a hand on his face (and he will be sent off) and he reacts by facing him hard-nosed (yellow card). They have to separate them because a fight arises that also attracts other players. The Konyaspor goalkeeper is sent off. Muslera, ex Lazio, gets a warning for having participated in that group

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