Elections, in Campania parade of big names for the final sprint: Meloni, Tajani and Letta chasing the undecided

Elections, in Campania parade of big names for the final sprint: Meloni, Tajani and Letta chasing the undecided
Elections, in Campania parade of big names for the final sprint: Meloni, Tajani and Letta chasing the undecided
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A long weekend, until Monday, with the big parties in between Naples and Caserta. Before the last week of this election campaign, the shortest in republican history. And just to convince the undecided, 40 percent say the polls, the parties are trying to bring at least part of it to themselves. We will see, therefore, if this figure in the last few days will be able, as happened in the past, to thin out.

It starts today with the national coordinator of Forza Italia engaged in a long tour between Naples, Caserta and Salerno (although he will return to Naples on Friday for the meeting with the industrialists at Palazzo Partanna). And, therefore, in the morning in via Manzoni for a demonstration with the young people of Fi to which the founder of the party Silvio Berlusconi will be added, even if only by telephone. In Caserta and Salerno, however, the meeting with the local leaders of the party and the blue administrators. At 5 pm, in fact, Tajani it will be in Andri, in the Nocerino area, for a demonstration of the city and provincial coordination of Fi in piazza Doria; then in Orta di Atella, in the Caserta area, at the Casapozzano Castle.

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And if Matteo Salvini, two days ago, with Nola closed his electoral campaign in Campania, tomorrow is the turn of his Fdi ally Giorgia Meloni. No Naples but only Caserta in the afternoon after the stage of Matera in Basilicata. In the capital of Terra di Lavoro, the leader of Fdi will engage in a rally in the central Piazza Dante at 5 pm In the square, local militants and administrators as well as a large group of buffalo breeders, of which the center-right is riding the cause against the culling of the animals due to brucellosis. “The Meloni in Caserta will give a clear and unequivocal sign of the will to restore justice and dignity to buffalo breeders victims of the Deluchian malapolitics”, says the regional councilor of Fdi Alfonso Piscitelli.


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Finally, the Neapolitan two days of the secretary of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta who also rewrites a chapter on the front of the internal relations of his party. The day after tomorrow, in fact, Letta and the governor De Luca will go up on the stage of the maritime station (7.30 pm), whose relations, after months of poisons, have been settled in view of the vote on 25 September. A scene already seen last Sunday in Taranto for the presentation of the Manifesto of the South. With the two of them also the Apulian governor Michele Emiliano, he too has always had sometimes contrary relations with the national leaders of the Democratic Party. But this time it’s different: everyone’s help is needed and the Democratic Party has managed, at least for now, to overcome the clashes between internal currents and various personalisms. And it is also the first electoral demonstration of this campaign in Naples in which the governor De Luca will be there. So far, in fact, the former mayor of Salerno has stayed away, preferring to maintain a strictly institutional profile. Proof of this is also his weekly direct ritual on social media yesterday afternoon: not a word from him on next Sunday’s vote. Nothing, only matters relating to Palazzo Santa Lucia.

But on Monday, the beginning of the last week of the campaign, we change gear: first, at 6 pm, in Sarno with the minister Franceschini and immediately after on the stage of the maritime station with Enrico Letta. Then the day after the former premier Letta will be in Portici with the candidates of the college, the minister Hope and the former secretary of the Democratic Party Pierluigi Bersani.

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