‘Dear energy, let public administrations lead by example’

‘Dear energy, let public administrations lead by example’
‘Dear energy, let public administrations lead by example’
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“This winter we will all be called upon to save energy and face the energy crisis and high bills by adopting virtuous and appropriate behavior at the moment”, comments Legambiente Fvg. “After having indicated some practical advice for families, we now turn to the Region and all public administrations to adapt to the collective effort, adopting not only the behaviors envisaged by the National Plan for the Containment of Natural Gas Consumption, but also doing something more, to show that, if we want, we can save and help not only public finances, but also our land for a better future “.

Legambiente proposes nine practical advice, partly deduced from the National Plans, on which it requests an explicit commitment, in particular, from the regional Administration.

1 – Regulate the temperature of the offices to 19 ° starting with the Regional Council and the Regional Council, including those of all public administrations, checking that there are no non-compliance or cunning such as the use of ‘private’ electric heaters unfortunately still widespread;

2 – Reduce the heating period by 15 days with one hour less to switch on the heating systems;

3 – Eliminate or reduce the offices located in old buildings / condominiums with central heating and perhaps still heated with diesel oil and without adequate insulation and windows;

4 – Urgently plan and program the installation of photovoltaic panels on the roofs of schools, offices, gyms and on all buildings suitable to support them, with relative storage, financing them, for example, with the withdrawal of funding for the dredging of canals for hypothetical new steel mills or for new ski slopes and forest tracks;

5 – Plan and program the elimination of fossils from heating with the help of heat pumps, solar thermal, innovative district heating from renewable sources;

6 – Replace the incandescent or halogen public lights that have very high consumption, with LED lamps;


7 – Adjust the switching on and off of the street lighting;

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8 – Eliminate the night lighting of the ski slopes; you ski during the day and not at night!

9 – Carry out an intense information campaign towards the citizens.

“These are just some indications of things to do among the many others that an attentive and coherent PA can adopt; we hope that they will be collected and interpreted as a stimulus for a continuous and rapid decarbonization as the Region has undertaken to do, aiming to a complete energy transition by 2045 “.

“In addition to these commitments, we ask that the Region and local administrations account, at the end of the season, of the savings obtained in comparison with the consumption of previous years and that a system of control and verification of all energy consumption and savings become common practice. , perhaps introducing energy saving among the employees’ objectives “.

Legambiente reminds that “the regional PA (public administration, defense, health, social assistance and public lighting) consumes 27% of the electricity in the tertiary sector and 3.5% of all the energy consumed in the region (Source Terna in the Region in figures 2021) and that the gas distributed, which also includes that of regional PAs, constitutes 38.6% of the total (fonte Mite 2020). No disaggregated data are available relating to energy consumption (gas and electricity) referring exclusively to regional PAs “, concludes Legambiente.

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