one out of five receipts is not issued – Corriere dell’Umbria

one out of five receipts is not issued – Corriere dell’Umbria
one out of five receipts is not issued – Corriere dell’Umbria
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Alessandro Antonini

September 17, 2022

One out of five receipts is not issued. This is what emerges from checks by the Finance Police in 2022. Out of 1,250 checks carried out on the telematic fees of commercial establishments from 1 January to 15 September of this year, the yellow flames of provincial command of Perugia they discovered an irregularity rate of 20% in the area of ​​competence. It is a question of non-registration of the amounts collected, and therefore no issuance

In the wake of the increases in energy and raw materials prices, the crafty prices and receipts. And the hottest sectors are those of consumer goods and fuels. But the Gdf – which already deals with the main investigations on delegation of the Power of attorney – does not give up on a millimeter on the “routine” and intensifies the checks. Another hot topic is the increase in fuels, from petrol to diesel not to mention methane.
In the first 9 months of the year, the soldiers stationed in the offices in via Palermo in Perugia sifted through the distributors on the main roads of the province. Result: su 96 controls 48 were found to be irregular. Precisely one out of two has broken the rules for not communicating prices to Mise (which has a special observatory that publishes the map online) and also prices not correctly indicated. In particular, during periods of large increases and slight downward settlements (following government interventions to calm the price increases), many have omitted or falsified the actual data.

Meanwhile, also in August Umbria is confirmed as the national podium for inflation rate. Based on the Istat data published on Friday – according to the reworking ofConsumers Union – at the top of the ranking of the most expensive regions, with annual inflation of + 10.2%, Trentino, which records an average increase of 2650 euros per family on an annual basis. Veneto follows, where the 9% price increase implies a rise in the cost of living equal to 2060 eurosUmbria third, + 9.1%, with an annual increase of 2,056 euros.
In the ranking of the most expensive cities in Italy we find the regional capital in eighth place: Perugia records a + 9.3% equal to an annual increase of 2,137 euros.
At the top of this special category is Bolzano where annual inflation, equal to + 10.5%, the highest in Italy, ex aequo with Catania, translates into the highest annual additional expenditure equivalent, on average, to 2,791. EUR.


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