He stumbles and ends up under a moving bus, it’s serious. Alerted the helicopter

He stumbles and ends up under a moving bus, it’s serious. Alerted the helicopter
He stumbles and ends up under a moving bus, it’s serious. Alerted the helicopter
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He would have stumbled, ending up on the road and then under a bus that at that moment – shortly after 2:15 pm – was moving along via Martiri della Resistenza, at the exit of the Termoli bus terminal. The dynamics of the accident have yet to be clarified, but from the first reconstruction, made with the help of some witnesses, it seems that it was a fatality, albeit dramatic.

The leg of the man, about 50 years old from Molise, was overwhelmed by the rubber of the vehicle. The driver of the bus, line Acapt Puglia Region directed to Apricena, could not have done anything to prevent it (after the episode several colleagues have expressed their closeness to what happened). But investigations are underway on this and the man has been subjected – as usual – to tests to exclude the use of alcohol and drugs.

The carabinieri went to the Terminal for inspections, collect testimonies and verify what happened, while the man, who lost a lot of blood, was transferred from 118 to the ambulance stretcher and taken to the forecourt of the Cannarsa stadium, where shortly before 15 and 30 the 118 helicopter arrived from Abruzzo at the request of the local health authorities.

His conditions are very serious. The patient, without even going to the San Timoteo hospital.

The bus was stopped for some time in via Martiri della Resistenza, blocking traffic. There are hours of hustle and bustle in the area, with several drivers of cars and motorcycles who found themselves disoriented in front of the interruption of the roundabout, and some despite the new jersey and the presence of the steering wheel have tried to follow the route anyway.

It must be said that these days the terminal – affected by works for the construction of the roundabout and the reconstruction of the road – according to many is chaotic and unclear in the signs.



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