Hail and strong wind throughout the Paduan area. Coldiretti: “Damage to crops”

Hail and strong wind throughout the Paduan area. Coldiretti: “Damage to crops”
Hail and strong wind throughout the Paduan area. Coldiretti: “Damage to crops”
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September 16, 2022 4:34 pm


At 4 pm the sky turned black. A strong wind rose and suddenly a strong hailstorm fell in several parts of the Padua area. There is currently no damage or flooding, but the Suem 118 and fire brigade stations remained operational ready for any event. From Selvazzano to Noventa, but also in the lower Padua area, some roads were flooded making the traffic chaotic which continued at a walking pace. There are no road accidents reported. The only inconvenience that led to the exit of the 115 personnel occurred in Albigtnasego where due to the strong wind a branch fell onto a road making traffic difficult, but without causing damage to things and people.

Coldiretti: extensive damage to vegetables and structures

Ten interminable minutes. In the afternoon today, hailstones rained like walnuts with a strong intensity – tell the farmers of Coldiretti Padua who suffered damage from the bad weather that hit the Saonara nurseries and the crops of part of Padua, Ponte San Nicolò, Legnaro and Sant’Angelo di Piove di Sacco. In addition to nursery plants and flowers, open field vegetables such as cabbage and cabbage were also affected. There was damage to structures such as greenhouses and rustic outbuildings. Still premature to talk about estimates – add Coldiretti technicians – it will take a few days to evaluate the consequences of this rapid disturbance that has affected a part of the province. What is certain is that by now the atmospheric adversities are more and more unpredictable and the extreme events in these months are very frequent. Coldiretti Padova is currently collecting the details of the damages from the affected farmers and in the coming days will send the report to the authorities for any measures to be taken to protect the primary sector.


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