Heat and mugginess leave Sardinia: the Mistral strengthens as temperatures drop

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CAGLIARI. The weather conditions, after a long week of heat and mugginess, finally turn towards a sharp turn in circulation.

From northern Europe a frontal system is approaching which tomorrow will cross the island without causing significant rainfall but followed and accompanied by a significant drop in temperatures and a violent reinforcement of the mistral. The situation will then turn towards a temporary pause on Sunday.

More in detail, Saturday between morning and afternoon we expect a mostly cloudy or very cloudy sky without phenomena apart from isolated rain showers on the inland areas. Wide spells from the evening. Temperatures in widespread decrease and maximum values ​​that will be between 22 ° C and 27 ° C.

Mistral winds in sudden strengthening between the morning and the afternoon with gusts spread over 80 km / h, then decreasing from the evening. Mostly wavy or very wavy seas. Agitated the sea of ​​Sardinia. Sunday good weather all over the island and mostly clear or partly cloudy skies with sterile passing veils in the afternoon. Temperatures recovering slightly but still slightly below the seasonal averages and between 24 ° C and 28 ° C. Weak winds from the northern quadrants and seas mostly moved with wave motion and general decline.


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