craft enterprises and trade unions together for the planning and innovation of the sector –

craft enterprises and trade unions together for the planning and innovation of the sector –
craft enterprises and trade unions together for the planning and innovation of the sector –
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Confartigianato Imprese Piemonte Trasporti, CNA FITA Piemonte, Casartigiani Piemonte, FILT CGIL and FIT CISL have signed a new agreement at an experimental regional level.

The document starts from the photograph of the regional situation that sees in Piedmont the entrepreneurial fabric of the transport sector composed mainly of artisan enterprises and small enterprises. For this reason, the objectives of the agreement aim at consolidating trade union relations between the parties, identifying instruments for structural political-trade union confrontation with regard to sector issues and replacing the Regional Transport Commission currently operating with a joint regional transport Commission. ù

Furthermore, to give a further tool to companies, since the parties agree on the opportunity to concretely implement the provisions of the regional framework agreement, the employers’ associations will make their territorial offices available in order to carry out company-level meetings and negotiations aimed at negotiating issues of common interest and specific corporate relevance. Finally, thanks to this agreement, the Regional Artisan Transport Observatory was born, which will be a place for continuous and structural confrontation for all issues relating to the transport sector. The Observatory will have the objective of sharing and representing in all offices the requests useful for the support, protection and development of the regional artisan transport sector. The Observatory is made up equally of the representatives of the employers’ organizations and the trade union organizations and will operate at the Piedmontese Artisan Bilateral Body – EBAP.

“The signing of the agreement for our association represents, together with the workers’ unions, the beginning of a common path and will have to accompany and help the freight transport sector to face a near future which unfortunately promises to be very complicated”, says Silvano Favi, Regional President of CNA FITA Piedmont “With the renewal of the Regional Framework Agreement – comments Giovanni Rosso, President of Confartigianato Piemonte Trasporti – we have consolidated political relations with the trade union with which we have shared objectives and operational tools such as the Regional Observatory, to support of businesses and their collaborators “.

“We hope that the signing of the agreement represents the beginning of a new shared path. The establishment of a specific Regional Observatory for artisan transport also represents a very important tool for discussing at a territorial level the challenges that the sector will have to face in the coming months and find together the most suitable solutions “comments the Regional President of Casartigiani, Paolo Mignone.

“FILT CGIL Piemonte represented by Luca Iacomino, Regional Secretary – Department of Freight Transport and Logistics and Francesco Imburgia, Regional Coordinator – Department of Freight Transport and Logistics, expresses satisfaction with the signed agreement, we believe it is an important and decisive step forward in order to compacting the fragmented entrepreneurial fabric of the transport sector composed mainly of craft enterprises and small enterprises and consolidating trade union relations between the parties to the agreement. The recognition of the equalization element upon signing is innovative, for adherence to the agreement with the start of a path of relations between the parties that frame targeted problems and difficulties in working realities with the aim of studying and finding solutions to their overcoming, as well as safeguarding rights at work, improve safety conditions and work environments in favor of workers “.


“The FIT CISL Piemonte represented by Raffaele Marino Regional Coordinator – Freight Transport Logistics Area and by Trade Union Managers Alessandro Vittadello and Pietro Paolo Errichelli, expresses satisfaction with the signing of the agreement that lays the foundations for a system of participatory industrial relations, aimed at intercepting the needs of female workers, workers and companies operating in this strategic sector, making use of the reciprocal skills shared by the newly established Artisan Transport Regional Observatory. On the economic front, we find an important result regarding the automatic rewarding system in the various forms and in any case the possibility of negotiating increases in support of wages ”.

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