CAMPANIA. Hazelnuts, it is a black crisis for the sector, next year a lot of land will be fallow –

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Until a few years ago, Campania hazelnuts represented one of our sectors of excellence worldwide, Campania is the region with the largest production but which for some years now has been undergoing a crisis that with the current year has become irreversible. Accomplice the drought first and the abundant rains later made both quantity and quality scarce. A production that for the second consecutive year is at an all-time low, a hectare of hazelnut grove in some areas of the Region has not gone beyond 5, 6 quintals harvested, with a product that in some areas, especially those of the Campania plain, is of poor quality due to of the continuous rains that have fallen from mid-August onwards with the product already on the ground and not yet harvested. But if all this were not enough, here is the market that gives the final blow to the sector, prices around 200 euros are not even enough to cover the production costs to which must be added the tripled costs of petroleum products, primarily agricultural diesel. from 50 cents in the period of the pandemic, it also reached 1.60 this year. The prices of fertilizers have tripled, for a quintal of fertilizer about 200 euros are spent, how much the product costs, as well as plant protection products. Many farmers have preferred not to harvest in order not to aggravate the already loss-making budget, others have waited for all the hazelnuts to fall to make a single harvest, the fact is that the environment is in turmoil and a 2023 is expected with a lot of land left fallow, especially those that are rented out. The sector needs immediate political intervention so that we can help the thousands of farmers in difficulty who are no longer able to cope with a crisis that has turned black as never before.

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