Aid for families arrives

Aid for families arrives
Aid for families arrives
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The Veneto Region has provided for a minimum contribution of 200 euros and a maximum of 600 euros per child for the frequency of services 0-3 years old, according to the application of the “Family Factor”. The “Family Factor” is an integrative tool to define the economic and social conditions of families who access social benefits introduced by regional law no. 20 of 28 May 2020 “Interventions in support of the family and the birth rate”.

Families will be able to apply by 24 October 15 to obtain this voucher, provided they have an Isee of up to 20 thousand euros and are resident in Veneto. They must also have no pending charges, possess a valid and effective residence permit if they are non-EU citizens, as well as being a parent, adoptive parent or custodial parent of a minor who has been attending educational services from 1 September and for two months, even if not consecutive. 0-3 years of childhood recognized by the Veneto Region. Child and parent must be cohabitants and have a habitual residence in the same municipality.

A benefit that can be very useful for families, especially in this period of increases strongly due to the increase in the price of energy materials. An aid, therefore, that can relieve the honor of a further expense within a family unit.

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