On Maiella peaks to closely observe climate changes – Obiettivo Parco Maiella

On Maiella peaks to closely observe climate changes – Obiettivo Parco Maiella
On Maiella peaks to closely observe climate changes – Obiettivo Parco Maiella
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Park Authority together with Abruzzo universities promotes excursion on 23

(ANSA) – SULMONA, 16 SEP – Fourth edition for ‘Climbing for Climate’, the initiative organized by the Network of Universities for Sustainable Development (Rus) and the Italian Alpine Club (Cai) which involves Italian universities in a symbolic action to raise awareness on the issues of climate change. In Abruzzo, the partnership includes the ‘d’Annunzio’ Universities of Chieti-Pescara, those of Aquila and Teramo and the ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ telematics, the Gran Sasso Science Institute (Gssi), the Maiella National Park, the Club Italian Alpine and Meteomont personnel of the 9th Army Alpine Regiment.
At the Maiella Park the task of organizing the excursion on the theme “High altitude environments, sentinels of a changing climate”, a route suitable for hikers with a good mountain experience, which combines landscape and naturalistic values ​​with tourist ones. and cultural. “The study of the effects of climate change on herbaceous vegetation in the high altitude areas of the Maiella National Park – explains the director of the Park Luciano Di Martino – has been active for about 20 years through the European ecological monitoring network of the Gloria project (GLObal Research Initiative in Alpine ecosystems), coordinated for central Italy by the University of Molise with the direct collaboration of the Park Authority “. At the “Climbing for climate” event, the ‘Gloria’ monitoring researchers in Maiella will talk about the research in progress in the sampling and monitoring sites: the coordinator, Angela Stanisci, professor of the University of Molise, the botanists of the Maiella Luciano Park Di Martino and Valter Di Cecco and the ecologist of the University of L’Aquila Michele di Musciano.
On Friday 23 September, on the path that from the Pomilio Refuge, on the Majelletta, leads to Monte Focalone, the representatives of the Abruzzo universities belonging to the Rus will meet to verify the effects of climate change on the fragile consistency of the mountain environment. With the technical interventions coordinated by the director of the Park Luciano Di Martino, we will discuss high altitude plants, species which, due to their limited distribution and stubborn ability to survive in hostile environments, are peculiar to the Abruzzo mountains.
The event is sponsored by the Ministry of Ecological Transition (MiTE), by the Conference of Rectors of Italian Universities (Crui), by the Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development (ASviS), by the Italian Glaciological Committee (Cgi).


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