Forza Italia, when the ‘unpresentable’ businessman said: “I promised my wife that I would no longer be a candidate”

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It was the year 2020 and Francesco Silvestroentrepreneur in the mattress sector and still accused of attempted extortion and false for facts of 2013, although belonging to the ‘unpresentable’ squad, as established by the self-regulation code of parties and by the Severino law, he decided to run as a candidate in support of Stefano Caldoro for Forza Italia in the Campania regional elections. Today he tries again, presenting himself in the same party for the Senate.
The Facebook page Arzano News has proposed in recent days the hilarious excerpt of a live Zoom dating back to 2020, during which, in a macaronic Italian full of nonsense of Monicellian memory, the “king of mattresses” explains the reasons for his candidacy.

Among the most memorable passages, the opening words of Silvestro’s speech: “I am one who hardly takes me away from the challenges. I made my wife a promise that I would not have applied anymorebut then when one has it in his blood and he likes to have contact with people, I gave a speech to my wife ”.
And again: “I who I have ‘seen’ success in the private sectorwhy don’t I have to share my experience in the public domain? And I decided to apply where I had an excellent result. (…) Maybe I mean it wrong, but I want to explain myself better: politics is dynamism, that is, it changes daily. Let’s not forget that we are going through one of the most difficult moments of our life – she concludes – It was easier to prevent a war from happening than a ‘panthemia’ of this size. Unfortunately it happened to us and with this we must take the experience of starting again. It means that all the best experiences, the best professionals, the world of work, the world of the public must be brought into play. They have to go down to the house, they don’t have to stay closed anymore“.


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