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Rentals, today in Italy a family spends 2 thousand euros more

Rentals, today in Italy a family spends 2 thousand euros more
Rentals, today in Italy a family spends 2 thousand euros more
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Two thousand euros more per year for rent compared to 2021. The fees are on the rise and added to the increasingly expensive bills return a critical situation for those who live in lease, especially warned by those who are looking for a home in this period or have an expiring contract. An Italian family that is evaluating a rental property, according to the calculations made by the portal, will spend 7.7% more for a three-room apartment. Accounts in hand: it is a question of paying 877 euros per month, equal to 10,524 euros per year, against 814 euros per month in 2021, whose annual total was under 10 thousand euros, stopping at 9,768 euros.

Obviously, the electricity and gas bills. For the third quarter of 2022 theAreraL’Regulatory authority for energy networks and environments, calculates on average an annual cost of natural gas of 1,730 euros, up by 46% compared to the same quarter of 2021 (1,185 euros). As for the electricity supply, however, the bill amounts to 1,120 euros, with an increase of + 81% compared to last year (618 euros).

So, adding everything together, in 2022 an Italian family has to budget over 13,300 euros for a rented apartment. In 2021, spending was just over 11,500 euros: this is a total of 1,800 euros, a good 15% more.

The expense items obviously do not stop there. Also weighing on the budget are thewater and the Tariseparate waste collection, both subject to variations, even very substantial ones, depending on the municipality of residence.


“For those who at this moment find themselves choosing to rent, the situation is more difficult than in the recent past – he comments Carlo Giordano, Board member of – This is a situation that involves the whole territory in a fairly homogeneous way. Traditionally, household expenditure, considering the sum of rent and utilities, should not exceed 40% of a family’s income, but the figures from our study show that at the moment this is no longer the case for most Italians “.

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THE rents vary by area, and can affect your monthly budget even more. To the Center the variations compared to last year are more contained and are around + 4%, the annual figure charged to households is still higher than the Italian average: 10,800 euros. The highest rents are found at Northwest, up by 9.4 percentage points compared to 2021; here an Italian family has to pay an average of 11,500 euros for a three-room apartment. In the North East the cost is lowered to € 9,700 per year, in any case increasing by 8.9% year on year. In the South and in the Islands the fees are cheaper, equal to just over 8,000 euros in the first case and about 7,500 euros in the second. However, this is where the most consistent increases were recorded compared to 2021: + 9.7% for the South and even + 12.3% for the Islands.

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