Enrico Franza appointed member of the Anci Campania steering committee

Enrico Franza appointed member of the Anci Campania steering committee
Enrico Franza appointed member of the Anci Campania steering committee
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Ariano Irpino.

The mayor of Ariano Irpino Enrico Franza has been appointed member of the management committee of Anci Campania.

The communication to the first Arianese citizen came directly from the president of Anci Campania Carlo Marino. “Welcome to the governing body of Anci Campania and thank you for the willingness you have shown me to work for the good and development of our association.”

The national association of municipalities of Italy has been operating for over a century by committing itself to favoring the development and competitiveness of the territories and intervening in every institutional site to represent and protect the interests of local autonomies.

The regional section of Campania was established in the mid-70s thanks to the commitment of Maurizio Valenzi, then mayor of Naples and first president of Anci Campania.

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In over 30 years of activity there have been numerous battles conducted by mayors, councilors and municipal councilors. With their determination, Anci Campania is now a structured reality on the territory capable of guiding the Municipalities, regardless of the demographic dimension, in the new phase of institutional transformation that affects the system of division of responsibilities between the State, Regions and Local Authorities.
Anci Campania accompanies the administrations, centers of reference for the growing social needs of citizens, in the processes of innovation and transformation by enhancing the efficiency of the structures and favoring constant development processes.

The general objective of the organization is to encourage associations between local authorities, promoting the sharing of the most innovative experiences, providing a space for dialogue and discussion between managers, administrators and citizens on regulations and service management. In addition to institutional activities, Anci Campania offers services, consultancy, studies and training.

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