Energy: Sardinian mayor turns off street lamps and limits split use – Sardinia

Energy: Sardinian mayor turns off street lamps and limits split use – Sardinia
Energy: Sardinian mayor turns off street lamps and limits split use – Sardinia
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Bari Sardo, also possible reduction on heating in winter

(ANSA) – NUORO, SEPTEMBER 16 – With high energy even the mayors in Sardinia are running for cover to contain the administration’s expenses on public lighting. The expenditure forecast for this item in Bari Sardo, a town on the Oglistrina coast (Nuoro), has almost tripled compared to the average of recent years: 275 thousand euros against 100 thousand in previous years. Thus the mayor, Ivan Mameli, issued an ordinance with which “urgent measures for the containment of energy consumption, indispensable for safeguarding the provision of services to citizens” are available. The measure provides for a reduction in the luminous flux of public lighting by 30% of the light points, ie every 3 poles one will remain off. The evening switch-on of the same system will be delayed by 30 minutes and the morning switch-off will be brought forward by 90 minutes. The lights will be turned off starting at 9.30 pm in the municipal garden and in Piazza don Luigi del Giudice and the lighting will be reduced in the cycle path and near the San Leonardo Church.

Containment measures have also been arranged in municipal offices, schools, libraries, meeting centers and gyms: the air conditioning system can only be turned on on the hottest days and the minimum room temperature must not be below 25 degrees. Always in the same provision, instructions are given to employees for a prudent use of the lights in the offices and common areas. The mayor also reserves the right to postpone the measures to be used in the winter period for space heating to another ordinance. “This is a first urgent and non-postponable measure that I was forced to adopt to try to safeguard the balance of the budget and, in turn, the services that the Municipality provides to citizens, subject to adopting additional ones based on changes in prices market – Mameli told ANSA – I explained the measures to my citizens through a letter I published on social networks “. (HANDLE).


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