40-year-old arrested after police mediation

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The agents of the Giugliano-Villaricca police station, during the territorial control service, on the instructions of the operations center, intervened in via Primo Maggio to report an armed person and barricaded in the house.

The policemen were approached by a man who told them he had escaped from the window of his home, where he lived with his mother and brother, since the latter, in an evident state of alteration, had threatened him with a gun; in addition, he added that his brother, the previous night, had also fired a shot against the entrance door.

The agents found a man who pointed a gun at them and then barricaded himself in the house; moreover, from inside the apartment, the man began to threaten the policemen who, after mediation, managed to calm him down and disarm him. The officers then ascertained that the weapon, which resulted from robbery, was loaded and complete with a magazine with 11 cartridges, while about 0.40 grams of cocaine were found in the man’s bedroom. SM, 40 years old from Giugliano already the recipient of a prohibition against the possession of weapons issued by the Prefect in March 2015, was arrested for illegal possession of weapons, receiving stolen goods, threats and resistance to a Public Official as well as sanctioned for possession of narcotic substances for personal use.

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Friday, 16 September 2022 – 09:56

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