LIVE LBA | Lovari Trophy: Germani Brescia vs Umana Reyer Venezia

LIVE LBA | Lovari Trophy: Germani Brescia vs Umana Reyer Venezia
LIVE LBA | Lovari Trophy: Germani Brescia vs Umana Reyer Venezia
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From the Lovari Trophy di Lucca the direct text of the first match scheduled between Germani Brescia and Umana Reyer Venezia.
Coach Magro will be able to count for the first time on CJ Massinburg and Amedeo Della Valle, recovered from the injury. In the stands, however, David Moss, John Petrucelli, Christian Burns and Kenneth Viglianisi.
On the other hand, Umana Reyer Venezia without Spissu and Tessitori, engaged with the national team in Berlin in recent days, and Riccardo Moraschini, whose disqualification ends in late October. Michael Bramos on the field.


4Q – Bramos scores the first points of the fourth after almost two minutes. Unsportsmanlike foul sanctioned in Cobbins against Willis: 2/2, 67-61. Again bezel for Venice with Watt making 1/2. Nice basket by Gabriel from the area, 2 + 1 for him and unlocks Germani in this last period: with 6:30 to play Venezia ahead 68-64. Still Reyer stretches to +8 with the time trial stopped. Derek Willis from the media signs the +10, Cournooh on the other side does not find the way to the basket. Watt serves the cut of Parks, +12 and timeout coach Magro with 4:08 on the clock. He starts scoring Germani again with Caupain’s basket, but on the other side Parks puts two more under the basket. De Nicolao fishes in the Watt area which finds two easy points. Willis fouls Cobbins, 1/2. Brescia transition and Gabriel’s triple, 80-72 with 1:30 at the end.

3Q – Caupain penetrates the first points of the second half. Across Parks from below, Odiase replies. Double error from the line for Cournooh. Third foul for Gabriel who comes out, Park’s big nail on Granger’s assist: Reyer 47-43. Odiase’s offensive rebound that puts two more. Basket and foul by Watt, also free and 50-45. Parks fails a dunk attempt. Great overturning of Granger for the triple from Freeman’s corner. Willis in transition from the media: Brescia timeout, Venice escapes to +10 in the middle of the second period. Raise the Laquintana parable which shortens the distances. Brescia already in bonus and are free for Willis who makes 2/2. Technical foul sanctioned against De Raffaele, Della Valle marks the free. Massinburg’s triple on Laquintana’s assist, who then puts two more in penetration for 59-53. Brescia shortens the distance and Cobbins scores -2, equalized by the Massinburg dribble. Bezel for Granger, 2/2 to close the third quarter: Venice remains ahead but only by two points, 63-61 over Germani.
: Granger 17, Parks 9, Watt 9. BRESCIA: Caupain 15, Massinburg 14, Odiase 12.

2Q – Great triple from Caupain in the start of the second quarter of the match. Nice action by Germani with Cobbins serving Akele for -4. Brooks unlocks Venice and Granger from the corner puts in another. First two, after a one-minute suspension for Laquintana. Freeman from the area scores the 33-24. In fadeaway from the post he realizes Willis. Caupain raises the alley-oop for Odiase’s dunk. Watt scores from below, then Caupain from the corner scores the -8 basket for Germani. Still Caupain from three, Bramos immediately replies on the other side. He nails Odiase for 41-34. Five points in a row from Massinburg, -2. Della Valle’s shot does not go at the end, Venezia leads 41-39 at the end of the first half over Germani Brescia.

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VENICE: Granger 15, Bramos 6, Brooks and Watt 4. BRESCIA: Caupain 13, Odiase 8, Massinburg 7.

1Q – Tai Odiase opens the game with two free throws. Watt replica on the other side: 2-2. From the dribble he creates Caupain and brings Brescia forward. Then recovery of the latter who in transition serves Gabriel for the triple of the 7-2 Brescia: De Raffaele timeout. Granger comes out of three and shoots the -2. Granger again from the dribble scores from long distance: Venice ahead 8-7. Cournooh is fouled on shooting and makes 2/2 with the clock stopped. Granger very hot in this start of the game: another bomb that is worth 9/11. First points for Della Valle, also precise from the line. Stoppatona of Odiase against Watt, then again Granger from three: 14-11. Bramos from the fake corner and attack the baseline by finding two comfortable points. He hated to sign for Reyer 16-13. De Nicolao for three, while Laquintana catches Massinburg’s counterattack that he only has to support: 19-15 with 2 ‘to play in the first quarter. Caupain attacks iron in transition. Jordan Parks foul and basket, 24-17. Sima’s basket on the siren closes the first quarter: Venice ahead 26-17 on Brescia.
Granger 12, Parks 3, De Nicolao 3, BRESCIA: Odiase 7, Caupain 4, Massinburg 2.

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