Political elections, Conte and De Raho (M5s) in Reggio Calabria: “Back straight to overturn the system”

Political elections, Conte and De Raho (M5s) in Reggio Calabria: “Back straight to overturn the system”
Political elections, Conte and De Raho (M5s) in Reggio Calabria: “Back straight to overturn the system”
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Reggio Calabria – After Messina, the leader of the 5 Star Movement Giuseppe Conte, in view of the political elections on 25 September, made a stop in Reggio Calabria, also visiting the Museum where the Riace Bronzes are kept.

A morning dedicated to legality and transparency, for Giuseppe Conte, which gave testimony to the commitment of the M5S in the fight against organized crime. After visiting the Archaeological Museum, he went with Federico Cafiero de Raho at Lungomare Matteotti at the commercial establishment of Tiberio Bentivoglio, victim of the mafia racket from which he received threats and attempted attacks. The meeting was also attended by Angela Presto, a woman who owns a construction company who lives under guard for having rebelled against organized crime. “Let’s fight crime together, as far as I’m concerned it is a daily exercise, a moral imperative to which I intend to lend all my energy” said Conte and Cafiero de Raho also invoked the “straight back to overturn the system: together we win”. said. Subsequently he held a press point in the gazebo set up on the Lungomare Falcomatà. Also present in the Reggina morning was the former minister of agriculture, Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio.

Conte: “Mafiosi are parasites, not income earners”

“When it comes to parasites, the mafia must be considered, not those who receive a citizenship income. I cannot accept that Giorgia Meloni and Matteo Renzi give, from morning to evening, ‘poltronari’, parasites to people in need. of state parasites. They never talk about the mafia; they prefer to talk about poor people who are in trouble and resort to the support of the state “. Giuseppe Conte said this in Reggio Calabria speaking at the electoral demonstration to present the candidate Federico Cafiero de Raho, former magistrate and former head of DNA. “How do politicians allow you – added Conte – to give the parasite to those in difficulty? This is an unworthy thing that makes me angry and indignant”.

“On citizenship income they speak of state methadone but, for us, it is a just and legitimate support to those in need. What they want to offer us, in reality, is an upside-down world. They want us to believe that their logical order- political is the norm but we do not accept this world represented in inverted terms. This is why we are uncomfortable “, said Conte.

“We pay particular attention to the South and Calabria”

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“There is a need for particular attention for the South and for Calabria, a land to which I am attached and where I have come several times”. This was stated by the leader of the M5s Giuseppe Conte in Reggio Calabria. “The South must be relaunched – he added – as well as Calabria. And this is the reason why any government, as we have already started to do with Conte 2, in particular, must build this relaunch. Now there are 80 billion with the Pnrr that can be used for this objective. In addition to this, it is necessary to invest in Calabria for health, infrastructure and transport. in the South, they must become structural. In short, we must create job opportunities in the South “.

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