Conte in Reggio: “Systematic boycott of the center-right and the center on citizenship income, it is not” state methadone “”

Conte in Reggio: “Systematic boycott of the center-right and the center on citizenship income, it is not” state methadone “”
Conte in Reggio: “Systematic boycott of the center-right and the center on citizenship income, it is not” state methadone “”
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REGGIO CALABRIA «You know how tied I am to the land of Calabria, I have come so many times. It is a land that needs a lot of attention, like the whole South, of a particular attention and it must be relaunched, just as the South must be relaunched ». Thus the leader of the M5S Giuseppe Conte in Reggio Calabria. The former premier visited the Riace Bronzes at the Archaeological Museum and then met the entrepreneur Tiberio Bentivoglio, repeatedly threatened by the ‘Ndrangheta, to whom he brought his solidarity and that of the 5 Star Movement.

“Calabria needs a lot of attention”

The pentastellato leader, accompanied among others by Federico Cafiero de Raho, former attorney of the Dda of Reggio and now a candidate with the M5S in the Chamber also in Calabria, then paused for a first press point with journalists: “Any government, such as we started doing it in Conte 2, he must build a relaunch package for the South. Beyond this, in Calabria we must invest above all in health care, infrastructure, transport. There is so much to do and measures such as tax relief and tax breaks of up to 30% for those hiring in the south must become structural. In short, we must create job opportunities in the South ».

“Citizenship income is not” state methadone “”

An inevitable change to citizenship income, which – explained Conte – “is a social protection system that exists in all Western countries: we introduced it last. It is a measure aimed at a large audience of people who are unfit for work. We also need to improve the system of active employment policies, but Regions and Municipalities must also contribute here. The Regions must in fact strengthen the Employment Centers and the Municipalities instead must be able to offer useful projects to the recipients who are not parasites and are not people who live on “state methadone” as vulgarly judged by all political forces, from Renzi to Melons. They are people in difficulty and the system that helps those who are left behind to get back on track is civil. But if the center-right forces in particular and those of the center do not help us to strengthen the Employment Centers – because they systematically boycott this reform – if the mayors and municipalities, with the exception of those led by M5S, do not offer the Puc are not going anywhere ».

“Why doesn’t anyone talk about the mafia?”

Finally Conte from the meeting then remarked: «The parasites are the mafia, not those who receive the citizenship income. How do you politicians, you who have been in politics for 20-30 years, who earn with state money, allow you to call those in difficulty parasites? This thing is unworthy, it makes me mad. I cannot accept that, from Meloni to Renzi, there is talk of lazy people and parasites, of “state methadone” while nobody ever talks about the mafia. They only speak of poor people who are in difficulty and receive support from the state. It is a world turned upside down. This is why we are uncomfortable but we will continue to fight our battles ». ([email protected])


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