In Calabria free head and neck cancer screening

In Calabria free head and neck cancer screening
In Calabria free head and neck cancer screening
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Back in Calabria from the 19 to 23 September there Make Sense Campaign, the European awareness campaign for the early diagnosis of head and neck cancer, promoted in Italy by the Italian Association of Head and Neck Oncology (AIOCC). Despite its widespread diffusion, not many people know that head and neck cancer is the seventh most common cancer in Europe, with an incidence of about half that of lung cancer but twice that of the neck. ‘uterus. Only in Italy, in fact, in 2020, 9,900 people were diagnosed with head and neck cancer e 4,100 did not survive the disease (Source “Cancer numbers 2021”, AIOM).

Do you have your head right? is the motto of the Italian 2022 edition of the make sense campaign, a warning to pay attention to the symptoms of cervico-cephalic carcinomas, often ignored or associated with seasonal diseases such as a common sore throat or a cold. Experts agree that a quick understanding of the symptoms of the disease is crucial for early diagnosis, in the presence of which the survival rate rises to 80-90%, compared to a life expectancy of only five years for those who discover. advanced disease (“Cancer numbers 2021”, AIOM).

From the 19 to 23 September in over 120 centers in Italy and of which 2 in Calabria, public and private realities organize early diagnosis days with open doors with free access or by reservation, to emphasize the importance of a quick diagnosis.

The 2 centers in Calabria for free visits

Giannettasio Hospital (CS) and S. Venuta University Hospital (CZ)

“Have you got your head right? is the motto of AIOCC’s Make Sense Campaign to reach and sensitize people not to underestimate symptoms that may indicate the presence of a head and neck tumor ”- says prof. Roberto Maroldi, President of AIOCC and Full Professor of Radiology at the University of Brescia – “a clear alarm bell if the symptom does not resolve within three weeks (the” 1per3 “rule). Synthetic messages and widespread diffusion. Thus, this year the awareness and prevention campaign is arousing considerable interest ”.

1per3 is in fact the rule to always keep in mind. If you have any of these symptoms for three weeks or more, you should see your doctor: pain in the tongue, ulcers that do not heal and / or red or white patches in the mouth; pain in the throat; persistent hoarseness; pain and / or difficulty swallowing; swelling of the neck; stuffy nose on one side and / or nosebleed.


No alarmism, therefore, but adequate awareness of the alarm bells, combined with a healthy diet and an active lifestyle, are fundamental elements for safeguarding one’s health and those around us. For ten years now, the Make Sense Campaign has pursued the goal of raising awareness as many people as possible through incisive communication, acting concretely through a dense network of hospitals, clinics, ASL, AUSL, ASST and private practices, united in the promotion of free check-ups. open to all.

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The Italian Association of Head and Neck Oncology (AIOCC) is an association for the study and research in the field of head and neck oncology, member of the European Head & Neck Society (EHNS). The Association is not for profit and pursues the aim of promoting and facilitating, through scientific, cultural and professional initiatives, contacts between those interested in the problems of cancer prevention, diagnosis, therapy and rehabilitation and clinical research. and experimental in the oncology field, in relation to the head and neck area.
The complete list of medical centers participating in the initiative is available on the AIOCC website (

Head and neck cancer

By cervico-cephalic (or head-neck) tumor we mean all tumors that develop in the head and neck area, excluding the eyes, ears, brain and esophagus.
This type of cancer tends to mainly affect men (who have an incidence two to three times higher than women) and people over the age of 40, but diagnoses among women and the under 40s are on the rise.
The main risk factors for the development of head and neck cancers (particularly those of the oral cavity, oropharynx, hypopharynx and larynx) are alcohol and tobacco, which are estimated to be responsible for 75% of incidences of the disease; the risk is exponentially higher for people who use both. Other risk factors are represented by poor oral hygiene and insufficient consumption of fruit and vegetables. Some forms of sinus cancer have a higher incidence in wood workers (carpenters, parquet workers), while some types of head and neck cancers are a risk factor for infections with cancerous types of human papillomavirus (HPV) ( ibidem “Cancer numbers 2021”, AIOM).

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