Cagliari: Liverani, “Bari forte, we focus on quality” – Sardinia

Cagliari: Liverani, “Bari forte, we focus on quality” – Sardinia
Cagliari: Liverani, “Bari forte, we focus on quality” – Sardinia
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In place of the disqualified Obert Barreca-Carboni ballot

Cagliari-Bari. For the rossoblù history a challenge that takes you back to the times of the Scudetto. But, in Puglia, even at the time of (mathematical) promotion to A. Now it is a match to consolidate certainties and ambitions gained in the first five days of the championship.
Bari has never lost, but Cagliari is one point ahead.
Two important squares of Italian football that, even in the match on Saturday at 2 pm at the Domus, are hoping for a return to the top flight. For Liverani the whole squad in full. With some technical-tactical doubts about the eleven to be deployed at the starting whistle: “We must – said the coach – also consider the characteristics of the opponents. It will be an important challenge like all the ones we have before us and we have faced up to now.
They use fast triangulations a lot to then attack the goal, they look for verticalization and we worked on these aspects to better read the situations. “
Cagliari recovering from six points in two races: “The enthusiasm must not distract us from the goal, from what we have prepared as we approach the race. Coming from two victories in a row must give you awareness, not excessive pressure. It would be unintelligent now to make calculations on the ranking, if we did it on the sixth day we would arrive at the last exhausted.
We think game after game, knowing the difficulties that Bari poses, but knowing that if we do what we have already shown recently we can win against anyone. We focus on quality. But also on compactness attention “.
Barreca’s debut from the first minute in place of the suspended Obert is possible. But Liverani is not unbalanced: “Adam’s disqualification opens the ballot between Carboni and Barreca that we will carry until the hours close to the challenge: both are fine”.
No doubt about Makoumbou, always on the pitch from start to finish. “He can play with excellent results both from central in front of the defense and from inside, but also in a two-man midfield. He is a total midfielder who completes a strong department”.


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