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Cultural mediators in Sicily, the requirements to join the regional list – BlogSicilia

Cultural mediators in Sicily, the requirements to join the regional list – BlogSicilia
Cultural mediators in Sicily, the requirements to join the regional list – BlogSicilia
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L’Department of the Family, Social Policies and Labor issued the new regulation for the maintenance and revision of the regional list of cultural mediators, established with the regional law on reception and inclusion approved in 2021.

For this year the decree has set the deadline for the presentation of candidacies to October 15while starting from next year the registration applications can be presented in two different time windows, from 1st to 30th April and from 1st to 30th September.

The news of the regulation

The regulation makes a clear distinction between the two figures of the “cultural mediator” he was born in “linguistic-cultural facilitator “establishing the tasks and requirements for registration in the regional list.

In particular, the figure of the “cultural mediator” is responsible for encouraging contacts of immigrant foreign citizens with institutions and businesses, facilitating their access to public and private services and assists them in connecting with the world of work, while ” the linguistic-cultural facilitator “, to whom a specific section of the regional list is dedicated, is the social worker who has a work experience of at least 6 months in the field of linguistic-cultural facilitation and is responsible for facilitating information and communication between immigrant foreign citizens and public and private institutions or bodies of the territory where they reside.

The requirements

To subscribe to the list you will need:

  • be at least 18 years old;
  • if foreign citizens have a residence permit in order, have a good knowledge of the Italian language and at least one language of one of the countries of origin of the immigrants present in Sicily;
  • possess a qualification not lower than a lower secondary school diploma;
  • for mediators, in particular, it is necessary to have a degree in Languages ​​or Linguistic Mediation or to have attended a training course as an intercultural mediator. Alternatively, it will be necessary to demonstrate that you have worked as a cultural mediator for at least three years, even if not continuous;
  • for facilitators, a lower secondary school diploma is sufficient, but it is necessary to demonstrate that they have specific work experience of at least six months.

Registration in the regional register, managed by the Special Immigration Office of the Department of the Family, Social Policies and Labor, will remain valid for a period of three years and can be renewed.

How to apply

To register, it will be necessary to submit a specific application by October 15, 2022specifying the areas of competence achieved in training or work (institutional area; school – educational environment; work environment; social and health care area; housing area; UASC area).

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The application must be drawn up on plain paper according to the model (Annex 1) prepared by the Department, attaching an identification document, a copy of the residence permit, a certified copy of the qualifications and certificates, CV and documentation relating to work experience and formative.

To consult the regulations and download the application form, you can visit the dedicated page on the Sicilian Region website.

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