Bad weather in Campania, weather alert extended until 6pm tomorrow

Bad weather in Campania, weather alert extended until 6pm tomorrow
Bad weather in Campania, weather alert extended until 6pm tomorrow
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Shortly before 1pm, the Civil Protection of the region issued a new weather alert, which overlaps and supports the one already in force, for rains and thunderstorms even of strong intensity on the whole of Campania valid until 6pm tomorrow, Saturday September 17. The alert is orange for many areas, thunderstorms will be intense throughout the region, with possible lightning strikes. “Beware of hydroological instability” warns the Civil Protection.

From tomorrow morning A weather warning also comes into force for strong winds and rough seas, with possible storm surges along the exposed coasts. Thunderstorms can give rise, especially in areas where the alert is orange, to slope instability, even deep, with landslides and rapid mudslides and rock falls. Throughout Campania a hydraulic and hydrogeological risk is expected: flooding, runoffs, rise in the hydrometric levels of watercourses, water flow in roadways, rock falls and occasional landslides linked to particularly fragile conditions of the territory are possible. The Civil Protection recommends to the competent bodies to put in place all the measures aimed at preventing and contrasting the phenomena foreseen in relation to the hydraulic and hydrogeological risk for severe storms, in line with the respective municipal plans.The possibility of lightning is also noted. Pay attention to the correct sealing of public parks and structures exposed to the stresses of winds and waves as well as to subsequent warnings.

Bad weather in Campania creates severe inconvenience for citizens.

TO Salerno, on the Lungomare Tafuri, lightning struck a palm tree, before a traffic light intersection. The tree caught fire, not far from the drivers. The intervention of the fire brigade was necessary to secure the section. Traffic slowed down significantly to allow for shutdown operations.


In Agropoli, a discharge near the center caused some problems for the plants.

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Rail traffic is suspended between Salerno and Pellezzano due to damage caused by bad weather. Regional trains may be subject to limitations and substitutions with buses between Salerno and Pellezzano.

In San Rocco di Marano, the regional councilor of Europa Verde, Francesco Emilio Borrelli, reports on the Facebook page that a manhole outside an elementary school has blown.

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