“Ready to help the Marche”. In Tuscany, fallen trees and floods

“Ready to help the Marche”. In Tuscany, fallen trees and floods
“Ready to help the Marche”. In Tuscany, fallen trees and floods
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While the images of the water bomb that hit the Marche, where six people lost their lives are upsetting, the bad weather that has crossed Tuscany in the past few hours has fortunately not done excessive damage, the Arezzo area the most affected with numerous families who were left without light and with some houses flooded. In short, the concern has returned, today the thought is for the victims of the Marche: Tuscany is ready to lend a hand , the president of the Tuscany Region announced via a message posted on Facebook. The mayor of Florence follows him: “400 millimeters of water in a few minutes, the equivalent that normally falls within 7 months. It’s called the climate crisis, not bad weather. A tragedy, an immense pain. My closeness to the mayors and the populations of the affected countries. With the heart in the Marche “.

Bad weather in Tuscany

The Operations Room of the Regional Civil Protection of Tuscany had extended the yellow code (formerly orange) due to severe thunderstorms and hydrogeological risk until midnight on Thursday 15 September. The whole region is affected with the exception of the north-western areas. The perturbation in transit over Tuscany has led to scattered thunderstorms especially in the central and southern central areas of the region..

The bad weather was more intense in the night between 14 and 15 September when thunderstorms, even strong ones, were recorded. TO Sarteanoin the province of Siena, the firefighters went to a school, in Piazza Barbagli, around 5.30 am where some large branches fallen as a result of the rains fell in the courtyard. However, the students’ entrance to the school complex remained accessible (the tree fell away from the entrance) and classes started regularly. Also in Siena due to bad weather, the Piancastagnaio firefighters intervened on three other reports for fallen trees, two in the municipality of San Casciano dei Bagni and one in Abbadia San Salvatore, onAmiata.

Problems even near Florence. TO Calenzano they registered approx 15 millimeters of rain in a few minutes and the firefighters intervened in via del Pratignone, near the industrial area, to flood an underpass. A heavy vehicle and some cars blocked: no injuries and no rescue operation was necessary. Traffic is on the road and has been blocked.

Yesterday it was the province of Arezzo to be hit by the most intense phenomena: about forty families were left without light and with water entering their homes. In the area of ​​Santa Cristina the Bigurro torrent also overflowed with consequent flooding

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