Cleaning of rivers, leaner procedures in Sicily

Cleaning of rivers, leaner procedures in Sicily
Cleaning of rivers, leaner procedures in Sicily
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Leaner and faster procedures to allow immediate maintenance of waterways in Sicily. The Basin Authority of the hydrographic district of the Sicilian Region issued them. The provision, signed by the secretary general Leonardo Santoro, aims to further accelerate the various procedures for the removal of invasive vegetation and sandy deposits that over the years have caused a dangerous rise in the bed of the rivers and streams of the island.

The decree that has just been issued modifies two previous provisions: the «Over-flooding Directive» of last March 24th and the specific «Detailed regulation» of August 2nd. In particular, also in light of the increase in energy costs and of the overall costs to be incurred for moving the over-flooded material, the previously foreseen charges are suspended. Furthermore, with the same provision, the limit of two thousand cubic meters, within which to produce the simplified hydraulic study, considering the current conditions of state-owned waterways, on which no removal interventions have been carried out for some time, is raised to ten thousand cubic meters .

“The two changes introduced by the provision – underlines the engineer Santoro – aim to speed up and simplify the procedures for the removal of over-flooding, thus restoring the hydraulic functionality of the waterways and avoiding damage to things and people that produce a considerable economic burden for administration”.

«After careful evaluations – adds the general secretary – it was considered useful to further facilitate the activity of local authorities, which for some time have been calling for the possibility of directly removing obstacles to the regular flow of water in the streams present in their territories. With a further measure – he concludes – the possibility of intervening directly, or in collaboration with the Municipalities, for the elimination of vegetative accumulations in the riverbeds will soon be extended to private individuals ».

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