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The new Aid of Draghi decree: changes the ISEE for the social bonus to help 600,000 more families

The new Aid of Draghi decree: changes the ISEE for the social bonus to help 600,000 more families
The new Aid of Draghi decree: changes the ISEE for the social bonus to help 600,000 more families
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The Council of Ministers today at 11 will review and launch the new Aid decree. The latest provision of the Mario Draghi era has a gift of 13 billion euros. And it will expand the number of families benefiting from the social bonus. Including households with Isee as far as 15 thousand euros. Allowing a discount on bills equal to 30%. Supports will also come to bar And restaurants. And it should arrive there too remodeling of the tax on extra-profits of energy companies. Focusing onadditional IRES instead of on VAT differential. Reinforced tax credit for businesses confirmed. But in the meantime there is also a condominium problem. Gas companies fear insolvencies and are demanding advance payments. With the risk of posting on the horizon.

600 thousand more families

The increase in the Isee threshold for the social bonus from 12 to 15 thousand euros however, it is not yet certain. Because the measure would be very expensive. According to the calculations of the Treasury technicians, the beneficiaries would be 600 thousand more families than the current ones 2.5 million assisted for electricity and ai 1.5 million who benefit from it to pay the gas bill. The main intervention should concern the tax credit for companies. Which should not only be extended to the fourth quarter but also strengthened in the percentages and extended to small exercises (those with power below 16.5 kw). With decree ter, fresh resources should also be allocated to local authorities, health care and the world of sportalso in difficulty because of the bills.

In the meantime, however, there is an alarm for the supply of gas for heating in condominiums. The messenger he says that energy companies fear insolvencies and take precaution by asking advances of up to two thirds compared to what was spent the previous year. The shares of the heating are likely to triple or quadruple compared to the past year. Meanwhile the Italian Association of Condominium Administrators of Rome has already had news of numerous detachments especially in the peripheral areas of the capital. In just a few months, dealing with past arrears of up to 50,000 euros proves impossible.

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