494 new cases and 2 deaths in the last 24 hours

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The coronavirus trend in Calabria is constant and stable. The latest bulletin in fact certifies an increase of 494 new cases across the region, compared to 2,303 healedeven if there are others 2 victims.

The largest number of cases is recorded in the province of Reggio Calabria (+137)followed by Cosenza (+133), Catanzaro (+119), Crotone (+65) And Vibo Valentia (+36) while the remaining cases come from other region or state (+4). 3 million and 736,295 swabs processed since the beginning of the pandemic (+3.334) with a positivity rate at 14.82%.


In the Reggio covid positives rise to 189,359 (+137), while the active cases are 1,947. Of these: 1,933 in isolation, 13 in the ward and none in intensive care. Overall, 186,555 people recovered and 854 deaths.

In the Cosentino the infections ascertained so far are 156.158 (+133), while the active cases are 32,019. Of these, 31,952 in isolation, 66 in the ward and 1 in intensive care. Overall, 122,847 recovered and 1,292 deaths.

In the Catanzaro the cases found rise to 93,497 (+119) while the assets are 2.442, of which 2,415 in home isolation, 23 in hospital and 4 in intensive care. Overall, 90,679 are cured and 376 have died.

In the Crotone the positives found reach altitude 55.001 (+65), while the active cases are 441. Of these, 424 are in isolation, 17 in the ward and none in intensive care. Overall, 54,300 recovered and 260 died.

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In the Vibonese finally the covid cases rise to 48,374 (+36) while the assets are 841. Of these: 831 are in solitary confinement, 10 in the ward and none in intensive care. 47,347 have recovered and 186 have died.

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