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“We want to make Liguria a laboratory for the Third Age, a Silver revolution” –

“We want to make Liguria a laboratory for the Third Age, a Silver revolution” –
“We want to make Liguria a laboratory for the Third Age, a Silver revolution” –
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While the Forum on the Silver Economy is underway in Genoa, the theme of the lack of personnel in the RSA explodes in Liguria, which places at the center of the debate the need to remedy the rules and controls in these precious structures for the good of non self-sufficient elderly people in need of aid and treatment. Well what was sustained by the Liguria Region about the regulatory changes that could meet the needs of the RSA.

For Uil Pensionati, the health care and health care professions must be excellent both in the public and in the private sector, encouraging training and adequate employment contracts. The over 65s in Liguria are almost 30% of the population and the average age in our region is close to 50 years. This demographic trend anticipates what the rest of Italy will experience in about twenty years.

We want to make Liguria a laboratory to experiment a model of life and assistance that meets the needs of a population that will become increasingly numerous, epidemics permitting, and that will represent the population of Italy in about twenty years. – asks the institutions Alba Lizzambri, general secretary of Uil Pensionati Liguria – Fortunately, many over 65 are in good health and can also be employed in socially useful activities, but the progress of age often brings with it the need to prevent and treat diseases that any organism undergoes over time due to normal wear and tear“.

Hence the need to have a widespread territorial medicine with its structures and staff. “This will happen in part thanks to the PNRR, if the current resources remain available, but the staff will still be lacking who must be trained and attracted with the opportunity for growth through quality work in the Silver Economy: we want to reiterate loud and clear to the Liguria Region that it is time to start serious planning on the territory“.

Furthermore, to stay close to the over-65-year-old population, the demand for a law on non self-sufficiency and a program on active aging is always valid for the Uil Pensionati, all actions that in Liguria would represent a support for a true and fair silver economy. Uil Pensionati is available to start the workshop.

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