Rap, signed, determines the hiring of 46 drivers

Rap, signed, determines the hiring of 46 drivers
Rap, signed, determines the hiring of 46 drivers
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Within the next week the call for the recruitment of 306 workers and 4 managers will be published


PALERMO – After the approval of the council resolution, number 172 of last September 8, concerning the staff needs plan for the three-year period 2022/2024, the Sole Director of RAP Girolamo Caruso has given a mandate to the company offices, signing the relative determines, to start the pre-selection procedures, for the recruitment of 46 drivers, through an electronic procedure for choosing the Public Administration Electronic Market Contractor (MEPA).

Administrator Caruso announces that the call for the recruitment of 306 J-level workers will also be published within the next week, as well as the selection of 4 managers (2 from the technical area and 2 from the administrative area).

With regard to the disposal of waste in landfills, the resolution that authorized the stipulation of the transaction between Curatela Amia / Rap and the Municipality of Palermo (today already in progress notarized) put an end to the Bellolampo emergency.


“Since yesterday – explains Caruso – we have been proceeding, as required by the Trade Union Ordinance no.100 of 27 July 2022, to drop the 200 thousand tons of waste already treated present in the TMB squares in the fourth tank and we are also temporarily defining those preparatory works which consist in the construction of embankments and drains to make the most of the tank capacity also to use it for the current waste of the city of Palermo, after pre-treatment, pending the delivery of the first batch of the seventh tank. This – concludes Caruso – will lay the foundations for industrial planning which will shortly be presented to the new municipal government on the plant engineering theme relating to the Bellolampo platform ”.

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The article is in Italian


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