“Europe late. intervention no longer postponable ”- Newsbiella.it

“Europe late. intervention no longer postponable ”- Newsbiella.it
“Europe late. intervention no longer postponable ”- Newsbiella.it
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The unbundling of the cost of energy is a signal, but it is not enough. We need a ceiling on the price of gas and European funds to support companies, which without concrete support risk the stop of all activities.

This is the appeal that the Presidents of Piedmont and Abruzzo are launching from Prague, where a meeting of the European Committee of the Regions is underway on the occasion of the presidency of the EU Council by the Czech Republic.

The focus of the meeting, in which the Coordinator of the Cities of Ukraine is also taking part, is the serious situation that the war conflict is causing to the Ukrainian population and the consequences on the economic and social equilibrium of the European Union.

The President of Piedmont, in his role as head of the Italian delegation of the Committee of the Regions, and the governor of Abruzzo, president of the European Conservatives and Reformists Group of the CoR, expressed their closeness and solidarity to the Ukrainian population, the first to pay the highest price of Russian aggression.

The governors also underlined how the protracted conflict is having a heavy impact on the economic equilibrium of European countries and the need for urgent intervention by the EU Commission, which however has an unsustainable delay on this issue.

The intervention on expensive energy, the two governors say, can no longer be postponed. The Italian Premier had already reported the urgency to the European Commission in March. Since then, Europe has not yet given concrete answers. The decoupling of the cost of energy is certainly a signal, but it is not enough. It is necessary to intervene directly with European funds. We need a new Recovery, also loosening the tight meshes of the resources already in the belly of the Regions, so that they can be immediately allocated to companies and businesses, which otherwise risk failing. Just as it is unthinkable to leave families alone to face the winter in this situation.


It is a very delicate moment, the two governors conclude, and Europe must know how to do its part.

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