“In Campania thousands penalized for political ‘amateurism’ of the left”

“In Campania thousands penalized for political ‘amateurism’ of the left”
“In Campania thousands penalized for political ‘amateurism’ of the left”
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Naples – “Pie of the Campania Region on the hunting season for waterfowl, quail and pheasant. Against the opinion of many insiders, given the imminent opening, the decision of Palazzo Santa Lucia immediately appeared as a stretch. Perhaps, for electoral convenience, having made promises left and right, they have seen fit to bring forward the October start of the hunting season for these species by 15 days. This decision, however, triggered the reaction of the environmental associations which thus started and won their battle. Moral? Thousands of fans and hunting professionals penalized because, to the damage is added insult, the opening will start two weeks late. The decision of the Region is incomprehensible, political amateurism of the left. The Giunta De Luca could have foreseen, at the time of approval, the advance of the opening date of the hunting calendar. Instead, she chose to remain deaf to the demands of hunters and to the demands of many sides. Since we are in the electoral campaign, then, he thought ‘wrong’ of making an electoral adjustment to remedy the original sin and the error committed, by modifying the previously approved calendar. A further disaster creating further damage ”.

This was declared by the regional councilor of the Lega Attilio Pierro, member of the Hunting and Fishing Commission of the Campania Region.

The article is in Italian

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