20 years of radiotherapy in Molise celebrated

20 years of radiotherapy in Molise celebrated
20 years of radiotherapy in Molise celebrated
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Scientific Conference “Modern Oncological Radiotherapy: Multidisciplinary Approaches”

Exactly 20 years ago, on 16 September 2002, the ‘Molise ART’ Oncological Radiotherapy Center began clinical activity with the activation of the first Linear Accelerator. This happy anniversary was celebrated with the scientific conference “Modern Oncological Radiotherapy: Multidisciplinary approaches in the era of treatments guided by Omics and Artificial Intelligence” which was attended by some of the leading experts in the sector.

“It is a great pleasure to celebrate the twenty years of radiotherapy activity” he commented Stefano PetraccaPresident of Gemelli Molise “I thank all our operators, from all departments, for the work they do every day to offer patients the best possible care”, concluded the President.

Over the years, the ‘Molise ART’ Radiotherapy Center has introduced new technologies and treatment techniques with the improvement of clinical results for treated patients, also validated by numerous publications and scientific awards including: ‘ELEKTA’ award in 2008 and 2019; prize for the best scientific contribution to the AIOM (Italian Association of Medical Oncology) Workshop, just to name a few.

There were moments of emotion in thinking back to the early days: “I remember the emotion of climbing the unpaved road for the first time to reach the hospital” he comments Francesco Deodatocurrent Director of Radiotherapy “I still impressed the patients’ gaze of amazement and joy in the minds, when they were told that it was finally possible to perform a Radiotherapy treatment in Campobasso, without being forced to go to extra-regional facilities”.

One of the most exciting moments of the ceremony was certainly listening to the message of Mrs. Lucia, the first patient of the Center, who is now 98 years old, is still fine and never ceases to thank the doctors who have allowed her to reach this coveted goal.


In 2019 the technology park was completely renovated with the purchase of two latest generation linear accelerators that allow you to perform extremely targeted treatments, saving healthy organs and significantly improving the effectiveness of treatments. The high level of innovation and the number of technological instruments allow a very high standard of service, ranging from the reduction of waiting times to the possibility of customizing the patient’s treatment in an extremely versatile way, placing him at the center of the treatment path.

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The ‘Molise Art’ artistic project was added to the machinery technology to accompany patients in the complex path of treatment. Thus ‘Art’ acquires a double meaning: it is an acronym for Advanced Radiation Therapy, but also synonymous with art and beauty, typical of this territory that has its distant roots along the grass roads that connected the mountains of Abruzzo and Molise. with the plains of Puglia: the Tratturi. Two paths of transition, that of pastors once and that of patients today, in which one feels distant from family everyday life, from everyday certainties, perhaps weakened by the journey but also enriched by the stories and encounters made during the journey. Therefore, welcoming patients, accompanying them to a place that tells a story of beauty and culture will help to “soften” the anguish that the patient inevitably feels on the therapy bed.

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