Gen. Rispoli on a visit to the Provincial Command CC of Naples – Campania

Gen. Rispoli on a visit to the Provincial Command CC of Naples – Campania
Gen. Rispoli on a visit to the Provincial Command CC of Naples – Campania
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Meeting with representatives of the military on duty

(ANSA) – NAPLES, 16 SEPTEMBER – The Interregional Carabinieri Commander “Ogaden”, general of the army corps Andrea Rispoli, today visited the Pastrengo barracks, the historic headquarters of the Provincial Carabinieri Command of Naples.

He was welcomed by the Provincial Commander of the Carabinieri of Naples, Brigadier General Enrico Scandone, and a military representation from the headquarters and peripheral commands.

During the meeting, which was also attended by representatives of all the departments of the Mobile, Special and Forestry organizations of the Carabinieri operating in the Neapolitan province, General Rispoli expressed heartfelt thanks to all the Carabinieri engaged in the difficult territory of the Provincial Command of Naples.

Particular applause was expressed for the professionalism and self-denial lavished daily in carrying out the service, with passion and enthusiasm, and for the important results obtained in the prevention and repression of illegality, in all its forms.

During the meeting, General Scandone, provincial Carabinieri commander of Naples, described the delicate and essential role played by the 99 Carabinieri stations and stations widely distributed in the city and province, fundamental safeguards for the protection of civil coexistence and legality.

The results obtained in the fight against common and organized crime, gender violence and fraud against the elderly have been listed. The results of the surveys carried out in the last 12 months on the subject of the undue perception of citizenship income are highlighted.


After the meeting, General Rispoli stayed with Alessandro D’Acquisto, brother of the MOVM Deputy Brigadier Salvo D’Acquisto and with the family of Mario Cerciello Rega, a MOVC brigadier who fell during the service. (HANDLE).

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