Bad weather Marche, dead and missing in the province of Ancona

Bad weather Marche, dead and missing in the province of Ancona
Bad weather Marche, dead and missing in the province of Ancona
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Among the missing are two children

– Barbara is currently missing an 8-year-old boy and a mother with a daughter. The little boy was with his mother in the car who was blocked by the water. According to what was reconstructed at the time by the rescuers, the woman would be able to leave the car with her child in her arms but she would then be overwhelmed again. The firefighters rescued and rescued her in the night but there is still no trace of the child.

In three hours, half the rain that rains in a year fell

– In the province of Ancona, explained the head of emergencies of the civil protection department Luigi d’Angelo, “400 mm of rain fell in two or three hours (half of what it rains in a year in the Region, ed). It was an extremely intense event – he underlined -, all the forces are in the field and at work “. Probably, he added,” the heat of these days, colliding with a cold air cell, has caused such violent phenomena “.

The appeal of the mayor of Cantiano: “Stay at home”

– The first alarm was launched on Thursday evening by the mayor of Cantiano, Alessandro Piccini, on social media: “Several rivers have overflowed. The water has invaded the central streets of the town. Several areas are already submerged. The municipal road network is interrupted. in several sections. The state road towards Gubbio is closed. We invite the citizens to remain calm and avoid risky situations “. The municipality is isolated, as are a couple of retirement homes.

Senigallia, the river Misa flooded

– The bad weather that hit the hinterland of Senigallia dragged downstream along the Misa river “several trunks of trees and plants that obstructed the Garibaldi bridge, there the river is flooded on the right side”, said the director of civil protection of the Marche region Stefano Stefoni. In the heart of the town of the Marche, the damage caused by debris, branches and mud, dragged by the stream, is visible. Many citizens are working to empty flooded cellars and shops. “There are also floods in the Bettolelle area – he added – and near the June 2 bridge (now dedicated to the victims of the flood of 2014, ed), which is also full of wood. “The hospital in Senigallia was flooded. The firefighters rescued some people, including the elderly, with rafting boats: blackouts are also reported in the center of Senigallia.

“Go to the upper floors of the houses”

– Some areas (the historic center, Bettolelle, Molino Marazzana) of the inhabited center are invaded by mud. On Thursday evening, the restaurant of starred chef Uliassi, in the port area, was evacuated. The Municipality of Senigallia, which has opened a reception center in the bishop’s center, has invited the population to “go to the upper floors” and “not to leave home”. The firefighters recovered the body of a man hit by water while he was aboard his car in the hamlet of Bettolelle. Except, however, another one, whom the firefighters rescued from a tree.

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Schools closed in various municipalities of the Marchigiano

– In Cantiano, schools of all levels and levels have been closed for Friday. The same thing in Corinaldo, Arcevia, Sassoferrato, Serra De ‘Conti and Senigallia where “the mayor has ordered the closure of all schools of all levels, services for children 0-3 years, disabled day centers, center Alzheimer daytime, sprout afternoon center and all sports facilities. All the bridges in the center have been closed by the police and are manned “.

Acquaroli: phone calls from Mattarella and Draghi –

“I have just received the calls from the head of state, Sergio Mattarella and the prime minister Mario Draghi” This was announced by the president of the Marche Region Francesco Acquaroli. “President Mattarella expressed solidarity with our community and gratitude to all those who are tirelessly working for relief – he adds -. Draghi expressed his closeness, reassuring me of the support for every necessary need. The pain for what happened is deep but the community Marche is strong and will know how to react. My thoughts go to the missing people and their families, to whom I express condolences and closeness “.

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