ParolArte, homage to Liguria –

ParolArte, homage to Liguria –
ParolArte, homage to Liguria –
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The idea of ​​proposing to the large section “Artists and photographers” of the Association “R.Aiolfi”, non-profit Savona to participate in the ParolARTE exhibition, a tribute to Liguria, stems from the prodrome of the exhibition held, with great success, at the Institute Italian of Culture of the Italian Embassy in Prague where an important photographic collective was set up – “Mediterraneo. A story through images, poetry and music ”- which from April 27 to May 18 2017 could be enjoyed in the local Baroque Chapel.

For this new contemporary art exhibition, some poems dedicated to Liguria, written by the poets mentioned above, have been sent to the associated artists “Aiolfi”, and this has aroused in the various participants images, colors, shapes, sculptures, suggestive and poetic ceramics in the same time.

We thank all the artists and photographers who have chosen to be there because thanks to them, with the illustration of the various verses, we will discover Liguria from a new point of view, making us love it even more and recognizing its various beauties and characteristics. Some may wonder where the choice of location comes from to present this exhibition for the first time, namely Villa Maura in Carcare.

Liguria is not only coastal. It is rich in small / large inland valleys with a relevant ancient and modern history. Thus the Bormida Valley, where Carcare is located, has always been an important hinterland of Savona connected, for example, to the Calasanzian Pious Schools and its boarders, important names in Italian literature and history, the seat of this former is, therefore, the he ancient home of the writer Anton Giulio Barrili who is strongly linked to the fact of having maintained relationships with young painters who, since 1860, chose Carcare as a center for the development of the new landscape painting, calling this intention the “School of the Grays”. The exhibition at Palazzo Nervi in ​​Savona, the seat of the Province of Savona, will follow in November.


Carcare – Villa Maura headquarters Library, via Barrili, 29 Carcare (Savona) from 1 October to 22 October 2022 and Palazzo Nervi- seat of the Province of Savona, Savona via IV Novembre, from 11 November to 22 November 2022

The inauguration will be Saturday 1 October 2022, at 5 pm; newspaper catalog on display; free entry.

In the newspaper-catalog of this exhibition a literary UNPUBLISHED has been included thanks to the precious contribution of the poetess Bruna Bianco, that is a handwritten poem by Giuseppe Ungaretti


from an idea of ​​Dr. Silvia Bottaro, “R.Aiolfi” Association, non-profit Savona; Municipality of Carcare; “Antinous” International Center of Rome; Polo della Fotografia of Genoa, Academy of Poetry in Rome

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Patronages: Province of Savona, Municipality of Savona, Industrial Union of Savona, Savona Society of Homeland History, Academy of the Pigna of Sanremo,

On Saturday 8 October 2022 this exhibition will celebrate the 18th International Day of Contemporary Art – AMACI

Curators of the exhibition: Silvia Bottaro, Gabriella Gasparini and fitters Roberto Debenedetti and Alessandro Fieschi

Texts in the catalog: Mayor of Carcare Christian De Vecchi, Lina Lo Giudice Sergi, Silvia Bottaro.

Visiting hours to the exhibition at Villa Maura: the same as the civic library, i.e. the opening hours to the public Library Morning: Monday, Wednesday and Saturday from 10 to 12. Afternoon: from Monday to Friday from 14 to 18. 019.5154152

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS: Maria Paola Amoretti, Giovanni Berio (Ligustro), Lucia Bracco, Carmen Buteler, Antonio Caranti, Milly Coda, Brunella Coriando, Gioxe De Micheli, Christian Di Fraia (Narciso), Roberto Di Giorgio, Fiorenza Ferrari, Alessandro Fieschi, Silvia Fucilli, Laura Gabelloni, Anna Gatto, Grazia Genta, Sabina Giacone, Biagio Giordano, Carlo Giusto, Bruno Gorgone, Alessandra Guassardo, Alessandra Guenna, Florcatia Libois, Cristina Mantisi, Giovanna Marrone, Carmela Masillo, Giovanni Massolo, Renata Minuto, Gianni Pascoli, Oscar Pennaccino, Giancarlo Pizzorno, Ylli Plaka, Adriana Podestà, Antonietta Preziuso, Chiara Racca Revelli, Mariella Relini, Barbara Ricchebuono, Rossella Ricci, Gian Paolo Roffi, Vincenzo Rossi, Angela Ruffino, Anna Santoiemma, Mariarosa Scerbo, Paolo Sottano, Giulio Tassara, Mariella Tissone, Giuseppe Trielli, Chiara Vallarino.

The works on display were freely inspired by some poems dedicated to the Liguria of the poets: Mario LUZI and Angelo BARILE, Vincenzo CARDARELLI and Alda MERINI, Gabriella GASPARINI and Fabrizio DE ANDRE ‘, Giorgio CAPRONI, Giuseppe UNGARETTI, Eugenio MONTALE, Camillo SBARBARO.

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