Lazio, the germ of Sarri and a returning discontent: what happens now

Lazio, the germ of Sarri and a returning discontent: what happens now
Lazio, the germ of Sarri and a returning discontent: what happens now
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Nihilistic moment at home Lazio. The cyclical resurfacing of the team’s character defects weighs on the Biancocelesti, making the path start over each time. The summer revolution on the market and the first good results this season had given us hopes for an overcoming of this eternal condition. Instead Sarri, as he admitted after the game, does not see great differences with the past. The Tuscan – who is obviously not proving to be a Nietzschean superman – comes to question his real ability to solve this problem. It even says ready to take a step back and opens the doors to unexpected scenarios.

HUNTING THE MANAGER – After last night’s press conference in Denmark, Lazio fans are debating who has the greatest responsibility, between coach and players. “They are right to be angry – said the coach – it was a game not played, for our presumption. I’m sorry, because we have been tapping on this key for three days ”. A kind of admission of guilt or a way to put his men in front of their responsibilities? The doubt arises from the subsequent declaration about a certain trigger factor for these sudden collapses: “Someone within this group insinuates this germ there is necessarily “. Affirmations that portend one hunting the greaserto identify who puts around in the locker room the disease of negativity. “If it’s a player’s fault it must be sold instantly”, Adds Sarri. A dangerous road, which could ruin the environment in which he himself says that “it is nice to live” and where “there are no problems”. Or it can bring out the pride of those who feel cornered and thus find the strength to go beyond their limits.

RESIGNATION – The reality however is that the technician himself appeared in confusion in front of such an unexpected total annihilation of his team: “The team never gives you this feeling, there were no signs during training, that the boys could be so absent. It is difficult to frame a situation of this type ”. On the part of Lotito, however, there is no intention of giving up a year and a half of work and trust placed in the Commander. He complied with the technical requests and defended him from many criticisms. It seems clear therefore that only in front of one admission of impotence of the former Juve, Chelsea and Napoli and consequent resignation – at the moment however absolutely unexpected from the club – would take note of having to really re-establish everything from scratch. Otherwise – and this is the path that will be taken, at least for the immediate future – forward together. Looking for a cure for the germfinding ways to stop the return of the same.

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