Eurobasket 2022 – Italy, Rick Fois “We will look for a medal next year”

Eurobasket 2022 – Italy, Rick Fois “We will look for a medal next year”
Eurobasket 2022 – Italy, Rick Fois “We will look for a medal next year”
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Riccardo Fois, a young 35-year-old coach with a solid career in the USA between College and three years at the Phoenix Suns, was a protagonist with the Italian national team at the 2022 European Basketball Championships as an assistant to Gianmarco Pozzecco. His words to La Nuova in the interview granted to Mario Carta.

Burning Elimination. It burns yes, it burns a lot because you know that the guys have been perfect, that a fantastic group has been created in and around the team. It burns because you play a round of 16 match like the one with Serbia, you play it again with France and it hurts. In my small way in my career I have lost many difficult games, and when you look at them you see many things that you would not have wanted to do and instead against France we did everything well for all 40 minutes. It wasn’t meant to be.

Future. What has been built is starting to be a strong and stable group that can broaden its goals. What we have done with Serbia, apart from entering the quarters, is important: they are one of the strongest teams ever beaten by Italy in the modern era and this gives you awareness, it gives it to the many young people who will improve further, who are doing a incredible jump. From Fontecchio to Spissu, from Mannion to Paiola, everyone. I’m not at the peak of my career yet, so … What remains is that next year we will start again to go and get us a medal.

Referees. It’s part of the game, I’m used to American referees who are a little more communicative but we’ve never played with referees in mind. Whistles for and against didn’t stop us from having fantastic matches against two great teams.


Pozzecco style. What he has always given even in clubs. His sincerity, humanity and a true, deep trust in the boys. He believes a lot in him, everything he says and does is true in a world of players who are always on the go, who live every game as if it were a matter of life or death. Instead Gianmarco brought the desire to be together, to have fun, cheeky and with his head held high. We were … different, they looked at us with sympathy even when we were at the table. We looked like a college team. There when you lose the world collapses on you not because of the defeat but because you know that we will not be together from the next day and yesterday morning I relived this with Italy, the regret of going home. We would have liked to stay, watch the games, eat together in that restaurant.

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