Cagliari, exhibitions and shows to remember Ottone Bacaredda – Sardinia

Cagliari, exhibitions and shows to remember Ottone Bacaredda – Sardinia
Cagliari, exhibitions and shows to remember Ottone Bacaredda – Sardinia
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(ANSA) – CAGLIARI, 16 SEPT – Exhibitions, events, re-enactments in costume, shows and screenings for the centenary of the death of Ottone Bacaredda, mayor of Cagliari between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.

“It started an urban transformation that could only be social – said the current mayor Paolo Truzzu today in a press conference -. In those years Cagliari intercepts the changes taking place, the technological revolutions, the rise of the bourgeoisie, the new world. And above all he understood that the future of the city was linked to the development of the promenade and the Poetto: it was he who authorized the first baths in 1913 in what would later become the beach of the hundred thousand. With him Cagliari became a city, with ambitious, European social and cultural dynamics “.

The event is entitled “Ottone Bacaredda and the dream of the new city. Cagliari between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries”. The announcement for the initiatives dedicated to the memory of the figure celebrated among other things with a street and with the title of the town hall was presented today.

Expected an expense of 50 thousand euros with a budget of 12,500 euros for each area: exhibitions, historical re-enactments, shows and screenings to tell Bacaredda and the city of the Belle Époque.

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Only projects worth more than 2500 euros may be presented. Initiatives planned between November 1st and December 31st.

“One hundred years after his death – said the municipal councilor for Culture, Maria Dolores Picciau – the legacy of the Cagliari of Bacaredda, the city that opened towards the sea, is more alive and current than ever. Cagliari, on horseback between the two centuries, it was a growing, lively and culturally active center, an identity that we can still recognize today and that is increasingly appreciated also by tourists. With this initiative, therefore, we celebrate not only one of the leading figures in political life, economic, social and cultural of the city, but a historical period, the Belle Époque, which changed the face of Cagliari and of which we still see many testimonies in the city today. ” (HANDLE).

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