Bad weather, like the V-Shape storm that brought the Marche to its knees

Bad weather, like the V-Shape storm that brought the Marche to its knees
Bad weather, like the V-Shape storm that brought the Marche to its knees
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Climate change and bad weather, from the Marche “chronicles of an announced tragedy”. Meteo Aquilano explains the phenomenon of the V-Shape storm.

“The infamous temporal V-Shape (V-shaped, as you can see from the satellite image), one of the most violent types of storms that can occur in the Mediterranean, this was the cause of the flood in the Marche ”. They explain it from Aquilano weather.

“Suddenly – explain from Meteo Aquilano – from a trigger point in the central Apennines, thanks to the convergence of winds of different extraction and thermodynamic characteristicsofenormous amount of latent heat and water vapor available in the atmosphere, the ‘perfect storm’ has been activated. Stationary and self-healing because instead of growing, developing and then dying, it reformed itself and persisted for hours and hours from the same trigger point. Peaks of over 400 mm of rain in a few hours, about half of what should fall in a year in those areas, almost double the rain that has fallen in L’Aquila since the beginning of January. This is one of the most difficult events to predict due to the inherent nature of its dynamics. Identifying the exact point, the stationarity, the intensity are one of the biggest headaches of the meteorologist. So why did we use the word “heralded tragedy” in the title? An event of this type occurs very often in Italy between the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, it is not an exception, it has happened and will happen again. Instead, what should make us reflect are its devastating intensity and the frequency with which such extreme events occur, more and more often, increasingly intense, children of the climate change in progress, of which the Mediterranean is the litmus test “.

“A’extreme summer, that of 2022, an anomalous heat like never happened in Europe since we have the climatic records. This means large quantities of energy available for convection, it means extremely high sea surface temperatures with peaks of 31-32 ° C in the Tyrrhenian Sea, therefore it means evaporation and huge quantities of water vapor, ready to condense and precipitate. The atmosphere, to restore balance, gives us all this in extreme quantities of rain, in hail of abnormal dimensions, in lightning strikes, in gusts of gale force and so on. We close with a provocation. Before hoping for extreme and lasting heat, think also of the consequences that this heat can bring, perhaps not immediately, but in autumn, when the first fresh Atlantic currents will flow over our boiling seas. There are lives at stake, properties, the fruits of sacrifices. A few miles north or south and your life could be in danger. We hope that now, after this speech, anyone wishes you a normal, pleasant Mediterranean summer, with its warm phases, but also with its storms and its cool and unstable phases. Unfortunately, all this does not depend on our will but could change if there was a conscious collective will and commitment ”.

The article is in Italian

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