He sets fire to the forest, 42 years old discovered by the cameras

He sets fire to the forest, 42 years old discovered by the cameras
He sets fire to the forest, 42 years old discovered by the cameras
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Carabinieri identify arsonist Monte Canneto in Teano

(ANSA) – CASERTA, 15 SEPTEMBER – Last August he set up a
fire in the woods of Monte Canneto, in the municipality of Teano
(Caserta), which required the intervention of five teams
fire fighting and aircraft to extinguish the stake and interested one
surface of about 15 thousand square meters; just under a month
and a half after the event, the forest police have identified
the person responsible: it is a 42 year old from Teano, to whom the military
of Roccamonfina station have notified the ban on
dwells in the municipality of Caserta issued by the Gip of the Court of
Santa Maria Capua Vetere at the request of the Prosecutor who has
coordinated the investigations; the 42-year-old’s crime is the fire

The arsonist was identified through the images of the
video surveillance cameras installed by the carabinieri in the
near the place from which the fire started, dated 8 August;
from the electronic eyes you see the 42-year-old arriving with a
moped in the woods, and at one point bends over
turn on the fire. The forest police then have it
photographed in the center of Teano to verify correspondence
with the subject immortalized in the video surveillance images,
and they concluded that it was the same person. Also
feedback on telephone records gave positive results,
confirming for 8 August the presence of the 42-year-old in the place where
the stake took place. (HANDLE).


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