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In Turin the “InvEst in East Europe” road show, hosted by Confindustria Piemonte: “Investing in Eastern Europe is an opportunity for growth” – Torino News 24

In Turin the “InvEst in East Europe” road show, hosted by Confindustria Piemonte: “Investing in Eastern Europe is an opportunity for growth” – Torino News 24
In Turin the “InvEst in East Europe” road show, hosted by Confindustria Piemonte: “Investing in Eastern Europe is an opportunity for growth” – Torino News 24
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Turin the “InvEst in East Europe” road show that Confindustria Eastern Europe organized to present the growth opportunities in the Central-Eastern Europe area which includes eleven countries. The initiative aims to raise awareness of the activities of foreign Confindustria alongside companies, to develop a path of growth, as well as business opportunities in Albania, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Ukraine.

“Eastern Europe remains an area of ​​strategic neighborhood towards which Italian companies can turn their gaze to increase and strengthen their activities, also thanks to the support of our representatives. In the difficult international context, the countries represented by our Federation are strategic to shorten the production chain, seizing the opportunities deriving from fiscal, social and economic growth characteristics that facilitate the processes of business internationalization in these markets, as well as the opportunity to recover the margins that are difficult to obtain in Italy today ”he explained Maria Luisa Meronipresident of Confindustria Est Europa.

“Creating a system is the best way to make businesses grow. The opportunities offered by Eastern Europe are very well known by Piedmontese companies, which generated an export of 3.9 billion and a trade balance of around 230 million euros in 2021. The current time is a complicated time for the war. which is impacting Ukraine after the Russian invasion, therefore, perplexities and difficulties are created in the medium to long term. But this does not mean that our intensity in operating, investing and generating growth is less “, she explained introducing the works Marco Gaypresident of Confindustria Piemonte.

“Through the Central Europe and Eastern Europe divisions, we operate in Eastern Europe to over 4 million customers, we are the leading bank with a market share that well exceeds 15% in many countries. In particular, we are number one in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria and Croatia and among the top three for companies in Serbia and Romania. There is a very strong link between Central Eastern Europe and Italy, on which we will continue to capitalize in favor of the internationalization of our customers, also in light of the opportunities that arise thanks to the Next Generation EU Fund “he explained Paola GaribottiUniCredit North West Regional Manager, official partner of the event.


InvEst in East Europe also has the peculiarity of allowing any participating company to speak in one-to-one sessions with Confindustria representatives from seven Eastern European countries: Giulio Bertola, president of Confindustria Romania; Patrizio Dei Tois, president of Confindustria Serbia; Alessandro Saglio, general manager of Confindustria Poland; Gerta Bilali, general manager of Confindustria Albania; Marco Toson, president of Confindustria Ukraine; Nunziante Coraggio, vice president with responsibility for the internalization of Confindustria Bulgaria; Marco Marconi, president of Confindustria North Macedonia.

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“Our international representatives are recognized and are an integral part of the Italian system abroad, a network alongside entrepreneurs that guarantees privileged access and support to individual markets included in an integrated, interconnected area that is ever closer to the European Union . An area in which our exports recorded 10% growth compared to 2019 with a total of 38 billion euros – explained the president Meroni at the end of the works -. From agro-industry, to energy, from infrastructures to manufacturing, there are various sectors in which investment opportunities arise, without forgetting digital and renewables through targeted programs of national NRPs. Within this framework, today we presented ourselves to Piedmontese entrepreneurs to increase their knowledge of these markets, ready to offer our support to accompany new growth and prospects for strategic development in Central and Eastern Europe “.

The article is in Italian

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