Showcase by Tiffany sculpture young Italian artist – Sicily

Showcase by Tiffany sculpture young Italian artist – Sicily
Showcase by Tiffany sculpture young Italian artist – Sicily
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‘Empatia’ padlock by Francesco Vullo launches ‘Lock’ collection

(ANSA) – CALTANISSETTA, 15 SEPT – It is called “Empathy” and is a sculpture by the Sicilian artist Francesco Vullo. The work was chosen by Tiffany & Co., one of the most famous jewelry houses in the world, to set up the windows of its stores, starting with the one in Manhattan, where the new “Lock” collection was launched yesterday. The sculpture of the twenty-eight-year-old originally from Caltanissetta framed the jewels: a padlock with two brass profiles that face each other, connected by the same arch.

The sculpture was made in 2019 and was noticed by the US company, famous for collaborating with visionary artists. “I was contacted by them – says Francesco Vullo -. Together with the vice president and the creative team we worked on the design of this new version, which will be used for the windows of stores all over the world”.

Vullo has been living in Milan for some time, where he graduated from IED in 2016. Specialized in digital illustration, he worked as a conceptual illustrator and art director for several years. Starting in 2019 he approached sculpture, which has now become his main occupation. In Milan he has made several exhibitions, but the one with Tiffany is the first artistic collaboration with a world-class brand. Some of his sculptures can be seen on his Instagram profile.



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