Covid: Liguria awards Nobel candidate Bottazzi – Liguria

Covid: Liguria awards Nobel candidate Bottazzi – Liguria
Covid: Liguria awards Nobel candidate Bottazzi – Liguria
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Lerici Pea Award for vaccine scientist for all

The prestigious “LericiPea-Golfo dei Poeti” award dedicated to the Ligurians in the world featured Professor Maria Elena Bottazzi, already a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize, creator with her team of the vaccine against Covid “Corvebax”. A vaccine accessible to all as it is unlicensed.
“A prestigious award that recognizes the work of our team – explained Professor Bottazzi – and our philosophy of doing open science to remove any type of barrier in order to find solutions to those who have the most needs”.
In fact, thanks to the vaccine created, it was possible to vaccinate over 70 million children in India and the project continues in Southeast Asia.
“Now we are at work in Indonesia, a special job because we need vaccines that have ‘Halal’ certification. The no vax protests in Italy? It is important to listen to everyone and to hear what people need to then develop solutions that can be accepted by all. In our case we always choose known technologies and develop our strategies based on where we want them to go “.
The councilor Andrea Benveduti was absent for previous commitments, the director of social policies with delegation to immigration Maria Luisa Gallinotti did the honors.
“We are truly honored to deliver the Lerici Pea prize with the contribution of the Liguria Region to Professor Bottazzi because it is also a way of saying thank you to the health workers and doctors who have done their utmost for all of us in these two years”.
“For us it is perhaps the most beautiful moment of our award – concluded Adriana Beverini, one of the organizers of the Award – and a real honor, because what this Ligurian is doing in the world is an example of altruism that goes beyond greatness. as a scientist “. (HANDLE).


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